Its Official: Google Will Penalize Spammy Guest Blogging

Matt Cutts has revealed in another video post Google’s official view that it will penalise spammy guest blogging activities. Guest blogging has become the new way to get free links from popular blogs in exchange for free content. We warned you that Google might penalise guest blogging blogs some months ago.

Matt Cutts, Google’s spam quality chief posted the Google’s official view on guest blogging links a few weeks ago, where he suggested that high-quality guest posts by reputed authors might be acceptable. But apparently bloggers accepting guest posts are now really concerned about the low quality links of these guest authors affecting their website rankings. The new video clarifies it further.

The key takeaway messages from this video post about Google’s strategy for dealing with guest blogging sites are as follows:

  1. If guest bloggers are spinning articles on multiple guest blogging sites, or if guest blogging sites are accepting low quality articles linking out to spam websites – then both could be penalized by Google.
  2. If  guest blogging sites link out to low quality websites (engaged in poor guest blogging practices and article spinning), then it could harm your site rankings. If anybody can post a low quality guest article on your website, just to get free links – then your website could be in trouble. You need to tighten your guest blogging guidelines and need to moderate and monitor quality of guest post content being published on your website.
  3. Consider this – would users be happy to land on your guest article page and be willing to read the full post and share the content. Unhappy readers make Google unhappy.
  4. Google is willing to take action on low quality sites and those engaged in poor guest blogging practices.

Guest blogging has become the new way to get free links on popular websites. Unsuspecting bloggers accept free content to push more content into search engines for better site rankings, but they forget that Guest blogging has changed over the years – and it has become a huge new link marketing strategy. Your guest articles are no longer being written by small-time bloggers looking for publicity and traffic – but is being generated by dedicated freelance writers and SEO writing companies hired to get back links from high page rank sites.

Be careful of what guest posts you publish on your site, and which sites you link out to … Google is watching.


  1. Chrystal @ Happy Mothering says:

    I do accept some of these guest posts, but they are always no follow links – not do follow. Do you think that will still have a penalty?

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      We also nofollowed byline links on our guest articles. The problem arises when guest authors modify content and post to multiple blogs.

  2. Ngan Tengyuen says:

    It is about time Google takes action on this spammy guest blogging, I’ve seen so many good blogs becoming nothing more than a ‘guest blogger directory’

  3. Jasmine says:

    I think it should be OK if you write original good quality content, and guest post it on a good blog (that doesn’t accept low quality guest posts).

    I notice that you have stopped accepting guest posts on QOT… sad, but I guess it should be fine if you quality-control the guest posts?

  4. Justin says:

    Glad to see this. Have to agree with Ngan in that some very nice blogs have all but lost their main purpose anymore to poor quality posts.

  5. Jeremy Yeomann says:

    Fantastic piece and glad to see that Matt Cutts has finally confirmed this. Perhaps now businesses will understand just how important, quality content can be.

  6. Kyle Kam says:

    I think it’s the right time for Matt Cutts to do his thing. We can’t afford to damage the web just because of spammy websites and posts.

  7. Michael Aulia says:

    Though sometimes it’s hard to judge “high quality writers” and not. Of course it’s easy when you read the draft, you can see straight away whether this guy just wants a free link for a minimal effort or not

    But what if you think it’s a good article to publish but Google doesn’t think that way? It’s still unclear in terms of the penalty, when your site will or will not be penalised

  8. Yassin Madwin says:

    Google will ban guest posts,comments links, forum links, link wheels, web2.0 links … so what is it left for us ?

    Sometimes i just Ignore his so called “best practices” i have a strategy that i follow that never get old for me, in some few cases i lose one rank or two from the serps but i get back to my place very soon.

    SEO will never die as long as Google count on links

  9. Magento Seo says:

    I think this is the right decision Google is going to take because after Google’s recent updates, most of the companies are giving priority on guest blogging for getting links and visitors.

  10. Nadeem Khan says:

    What Matt is referring to are “extremely case scenarios” like publishing an irrelevant guest post on your blog and linking to a low quality site in it.

    If done intelligently guest blogging is still safe!

  11. Mike says:

    See this is what happens when people start misusing the options. It all ends with “Penalized”!

  12. ramiszaro says:

    While Reading this post me i have got some diplomatic ideas related to guest bloggers because guest bloggers must follow the rules and privacy of every blog in order to get their originality as Guest bloggers thanks for the nice post !

  13. Vikash says:

    The major problem is that people i.e. blog owners and authors have forgotten the difference between a guest post and a paid post. Now every guest post looks like a paid post with irrelevant links in the content. Cutts gonna cut the crap..beware!

  14. Manoj says:

    have got some diplomatic ideas related to guest bloggers because guest bloggers must follow the rules

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