How Tim Ferriss Gained 5000 Twitter Followers in 5 Days

How did Timothy Ferriss, author of my favorite bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek, gained nearly 5000 Twitter followers in 5 days? He simply offered to donate $3 per Twitter follower and thousands of Twitter users started following him!

Tim Ferriss launched his Tweet to Beat campaign, where for every new Twitter follower over two weeks, he will donate $1 to, and an anonymous supporter will match $2, totalling $3. The idea is to help 25,000 U.S. public school students in low-income and high-need areas in two weeks. So if he gains 50,000 new followers over these 2 weeks, it means donating $150,000 to U.S. public school education. Since the deal is on, he might gain many more followers in the next week.

If that doesn’t interest you, he is offering people who spread the word grand prizes like a round-trip air ticket anywhere in the world valid for 10 years! This cool tactic has helped Tim gain nearly 5000 Twitter followers in the last 5 days, not to mention the huge number of backlinks and free publicity for his amazing book (which you must read anyway).

Of course if you need thousands of Twitter followers every day, try getting on the Suggested users list, and some people are even willing to pay $250,000 to get listed there.


  1. Dainis Graveris says:

    oh, great success story :)

  2. daniel says:

    Where can I find the book 4 hour work week ? Any place to download free?

    • Bill says:

      Daniel, don’t steal books man. It’s a low act and you’re better than that. Go and buy it. You’ll feel better and it’s better for humanity if people don’t immediately think “how can I steal something?”

      Buy books and buy music. The world needs authors and the world needs musicians.

  3. Angela Leeds says:

    What a great story! So one could use Twitter to drive a benefit or charity campaign. Very resourceful.

  4. Kelly says:

    Gosh, when do we find out which proposals on will benefit from this great campaign?

  5. Asep Saepul says:

    $3 per Twitter follower.
    i can only say its amazing!

  6. Melissa says:

    Brilliant idea! Tim Ferris is awesome and has life figured out, doesn’t he? His book was great. I read it a couple of times.

  7. Aman says:

    Creative thinking man… :)

  8. English Dubbed Anime says:

    I got about 800 followers overnight, t’was a piece ‘o cake. Now, I got no idea what to do with it lol.

  9. Build Web Traffic says:

    Wow that is a great cause and an incredible idea for easily building followers. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  10. givejonadollar says:

    Now we gotta find methods for those of us that doesn’t have as big as a wallet as Tim Ferriss. :)

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