Twitter Follow-Back Users List

The simplest way to increase you twitter followers is to follow tweeple who will surely follow you back. if you are in the number of followers game, follow the Twitter Follow-back list and get more Twitter followers.

Social news watch has compiled this Twitter follow-back list, which includes Twitter users who will almost always follow you back.

“In fact, many users with tens of thousands of followers will follow just about everyone back. Some use tools to automatically follow anyone who follows them. Others actually go through and manually add their new followers. Regardless of the method, these 237 accounts will most likely follow you back, even if you’re a Twitter newbie.

I was introduced to this concept when Barack Obama followed me on Twitter, and before I could get all happy about it, I realised it was some automated tool which followed back all users who followed him. Over time I realized there were many such Twitter tools available which could follow back followers automatically.

Although it is flattering to follow people back who follow you, here are some ways to choose who to follow on Twitter and some common reasons I will not follow you in return on Twitter.

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