Most Popular Twitter Celebrities

Is Twitter celebrity status judged by the number of Twitter followers? Times has released a list of 50 most popular Twitter celebrities, ranked in order of who has the most followers, or people signed up to read their messages

Its good that they have excluded anyone that is clearly not written by the suggested author, like Barack Obama whose entries are written by their staff. They also mention that celebrities that rank highly are often more prolific writers and often have something interesting to say. So who tops the list?

Most Popular Twitter Celebrity

stephen fryStephen Fry, comedian and actor, is the clearly the most popular Twitter celebrity with over 100,000 followers. Closely following the race are Lance Armstrong, cyclist and cancer survivor followed by Britney Spears who started twittering a few months back only (but when you are the most searched term on the internet, getting those numbers are not difficult). More twitter celebrities I could find were actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, actress Demi Moore, writer Paulo Coelho, and many more you know.

As Twitter gets more popular than Digg, many people are realizing the power of networking using Twitter. People continue to show off their huge number of Twitter followers using Twitter counters, but the number of Twitter followers is not the only index of popularity, that is where more twitter grading services come in. Do you still wonder who has the maximum Twitter followers?

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