Britney Spears Launches New Site: Starts Blogging, Twittering

Britney SpearsPop diva Britney Spears has launched a new website and has started blogging! As news reports reveal that Britney has broken records with her new single “Womanizer” and leaped from #96 to #1 on the Billboard charts, Britney Spears plans a whole new online interaction with fans.

Britney Spears exposed her new website at, and Team Britney seems busy writing the Britney blog too (on MovableType). She promises new content, photos, videos, and exclusive footage which paparazzi have never got before.

To add to the complete online experience, Britney Spears now has her own Youtube channel, is microblogging on Twitter as @therealbritney, and got a fan base on Myspace and Facebook. She introduced her site on ET.

Britney has long ruled the internet and was famous online for topping the top ten viruses using celebrity names, being the most popular search on Yahoo!, and a favorite with celebrity baby naming contests. However, this year she is no longer the most dangerous celebrity to search for in cyberspace.


  1. Pavan Kumar says:

    Its time every celebrity starts blogging…

  2. Lauren Kozak says:

    Hi! I’m Britney’s Social Media Director, running the above myspace, facebook, twitter, youtube and ning communities. Thanks so much for the kind coverage and links! Hope I can make you proud!


  3. Tyler Banfield says:

    According to her latest tweet, her site got a million “hits” in its first 24 hours. Even though I hate when people use that term, that’s a pretty impressive way to kick things off.

  4. The Windows Fix says:

    Quite possibly the smartest thing Britney has done this entire year.

  5. mahmoud says:

    how can i send an email directly to britney

  6. Surender says:

    So nice Britney.We can keep in touch again.

  7. Dunny M says:

    I LOVEE U Britney ,u will always be number ONE singer in the WORLD to ME!!!1:)

  8. Dunny M says:

    I even paste her in my note-book!She RULES!!
    LOVE U Britney!!!!1:)

  9. Dunny M says:

    Britney spears is THE BEST!!i just finished creating a small poster of has over 6 glued pics.I just wish, Britney could see it.

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