10 Most Popular Apps in US

Comscore released the list of the most popular app in US, and you can now check out the list of the most used apps and see if your smartphone is powered by these apps. As tablets and smartphones become popular ways to consume information, apps offer powerful ways to consume content and get free entertainment.

Most Popular Apps

Here are the 10 most popular apps in the US, as analysed by Comscore based on the millions of users using the apps.

Popular apps

The buzz here is that Facebook became the #1 most used app in the US, surpassing Google maps for the first time by 2012 end, and it is no surprise as everyone has a Facebook account, and Facebook apps are the best way to engage with Facebook friends.

Google has 5 most popular apps in the top 10 –  namely Google maps (you need it wherever you go), Google play (to get more apps), Google search (since now you Google everything) and Gmail (your daily starting point to the web) and Youtube (free entertainment daily).

Yahoo! messenger is still around with those millions of Yahoo! users and iTunes is what powers those millions of iOS devices. Pandora Radio seems really popular free internet radio but is restricted to U.S., Australia and New Zealand only.  Though I expected Instagram, it seems Cooliris is a more popular share photos.

Do you have all these popular apps loaded on your mobile device?

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