Read 2000 Popular Magazines Online for Rs. 500 Monthly!

Magzter Gold now offers you 2000+ popular magazines for a  low subscription fee of around RS 500 per month ($8). This is a great deal for magazine readers, as this allows not only subscription for the future editions, but also for all archives of these magazines.

Magzter Gold

Previously Next Issue was a popular site which allowed similar subscription for 140+ magazines for $9.99, but it was valid in US and Canada only. Magzter has been offering Indian users subscription options as well as single issue buy options for quite some time. But this option, now allows a huge database which includes popular magazines across all categories of Technology, News, Fashion, Entertainment, Travel etc. Check all the available magazines under the Magzter Gold option on their site, before you subscribe, to see if the magazines you actually read are available under this option.

magzter magzines

For user who wish to spend lesser, you can opt for Magzter Gold Lite and can pay around RS 250 per month ($4) and choose any 5 magazine subscriptions. A yearly subscription for $80 will give you savings of 17% and allow you unlimited access for 1 year! Currently they are offering a 7 days free trial to get started.

Subscription models

More companies are going to get mainstream with subscription models as we progress over the years, as every product is evolving into a service component. I personally subscribe to a  Norton Internet Security (works on 5 PC/Mac)and an Office 365 package (runs Office on Mac, PC, iPad) and they keep getting updated always to the latest and greatest version.

I have been a customer of Magzter for a year and do subscribe a few magazines, but now this option of unlimited access to 2000 magazines turns out be much cheaper. I can also read many more international tech magazines which were unaffordable earlier. As I read most magazines on my iPad now, with all the vibrant colors, pan and zoom – online magazines seem a better option for  me and I do not subscribe print versions anymore (storage of a 100 magazines and searching the content is another problem).

As this magazine subscription model gains popularity, more publishers will join in surely and the magazines number will exponentially increase. BTW do you have the time to read even a 100 magazines!

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