I Own 100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars!

I am the proud owner of Zimbabwe currency of 100 Trillion Zimbabwe dollars, actually that does make me a trillionaire, but I just wish they were US dollars instead. I love currency collecting and today exchanged a novel 100 trillion dollar currency note and its actually the highest value currency note ever produced for legal tender anywhere in the world. Its not fake and is a true collectible for currency collectors, but its not as valuable as you would expect.

100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars

Look at these Zimbabwe trillion dollar bills! I bought these 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars for sale on Amazon. As you can see Z$ bank notes are issued by Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

100 trillion zimbabwe dollars
trillion zimbabwe dollars

It is actually the maximum number of 14 zeros you will ever see on a Zimbabwe currency note – 100,000,000,000,000, much beyond a million or billion, but still lesser than Googol!

Zimbabwe Currency Devalued

How is this possible? The Zimbabwe Dollar story is interesting to read and these 100-trillion-dollar notes were actually in circulation in Zimbabwe for few months when it was the least valued currency and could buy little. The Zimbabwe dollar was then officially abandoned in 2009 as the country legalised other foreign currencies for use (it got dollarized!). There are still many 100 trillion, 50 trillion and other trillion notes which can be bought off Ebay or other rare currency collectors.

Zimbabwe Dollars to USD

How much is 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars in USD? If you convert 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollar to USD, 1 USD was worth 300 trillion ZWR, but now is out of circulation … which means this one hundred trillion dollars note was then under 40 cents! Well for whatever it is worth, I do feel like a trillionaire… and owning a piece of world financial history.

Update July 2015: Its is reported that the Zimbabwe dollars will be decommissioned. The currency conversion rate will be 35 quadrillion Zimbabwe dollars per US dollar (Z$35,000,000,000,000,000 for US$1). After September 30 2015, the any pending currency will be worthless for currency exchange.

You can also buy Zimbabwe currency on amazon for few dollars!

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