Use Adsense Matched Content for Related Posts

Did you know you can use Adsense Matched content to show related posts on your blog. Related posts and article suggestions are used by most sites to increase pageviews as users click to related articles they might like. Now Adsense has made this feature simple and can be used on eligible websites which meets their guidelines.

Adsense Matched Content

If you remember Google Related links was a similar tool with links we used for a long time, but was later discontinued. If you check out the related content below our posts, the new matched content units look great. They have a nice image and post title (but sometimes the images don’t match!). You can easily browse more posts by clicking the next/previous button. Moreover the these are responsive AdSense units and will look great on any screen size.

adsense matched content

Can any Adsense publisher use Matched Content? No. The sites will be approved by the Adsense team. If your site is eligible, then it will display so in your Adsense dashboard. After logging in to Adsense, go to the Gear icon > Settings > Site Management. Check if your site can serve matched content. They have minimum requirement for traffic and unique pages needed for this to work. See all our sites cannot use this.

matched content approved

Can it be used on any site without WordPress? The best part is that it can be used on any site and any platform like Blogger, Tumblr etc. You do not necessarily need WordPress and a linked database to query the post everytime, and then cache them so they don’t crash your server. Its a simple cut and paste code.

Will it increase hosting server load? The crawling, popularity assessment, click tracking and content delivery  is all handled by the Adsense script. So basically all heavy lifting is done by Google, and not by your server.  For shared hosting users, this is a big benefit as often hosting support advises you to avoid related post plugins as they put lot of load on your server.

Does it use the same Adsense code? The main script remains same, so you can load Adsense script once only. But the other code is different.

Does it reduce my ad limit per page? You can place 3 ad units per page in addition to 3 link units and 2 search boxes. This does not reduce that limit. Do not commit any AdSense mistakes.

Do I earn money when links are clicked? No. It is just to help people find related content. Clicking on links does not earn money.

Are these links follow/nofollow? The links are served by javascript and users are redirected to the new pages. It does not add to SEO as the links do not pass link juice. This is unlike many other related plugins which display links which can be follow or nofollowed as per options. If you check the list of WordPress Plugins we use, you will see we also use YARRP for showing related posts in addition, and they have follow links.

Can I track views /clicks statistics? Yes. You can create custom channels for the matchef content unit. Then you can see the ad unit statistics like any other ad unit. It will show you the match content unit views and the clicks that occurred.

How to get code for matched unit? Simply create a new ad unit as you would normally do. Then in ad type, choose ‘Matched Content Only’.

matched content unit

See the Adsense matched content unit live below all our posts. Is your site eligible for matched content. Check now.


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    Really Nice article :) With this i can get more traffic according to the site like i want more traffic on electronic gadgets . with this i can get particular traffic according my site .

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    Can we use google adsense if our blog has no privacy policy and disclaimer page?

  6. Siddhant says:

    It was nice reading your article.
    Can we earn more money By writing same content related to ad ??

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    it is good artical and good post. Related posts and article suggestions are used by most sites to increase page views as users click to related articles and google related link.

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  10. kamalesh says:

    What is the minimum traffic recommendation for website to enable adsense on my website.? Thanks

    • P. Chandra says:

      That they will not reveal. But I expect there should be enough pages with related content for this to work.

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    thanks .. it was Nice post and Very Helpful for me .. I M Facing This Tyoe Of Prblm From Adsense After Reading Tour Article i hav cleareed By all Doubts

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    What is the minimum traffic recommendation for website to enable adsense on my website.? Thanks

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    good article… brilliant idea and very helpful..thank you for the sharing

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    This is a really clever move. It all adds to creating a great UX on the site. I think it’s important this isn’t over done though as it’s likely to make users become ignorant to highly relevant articles which may be of benefit to them.

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    Great article on a revealing matter . But the content must be good enough for this to work.

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    I have long had Adsense but until now there has been no offers for adsense content.

  17. Odira says:

    What is the minimum traffic requirements in order to be approved for the matched content program?

  18. Payel Sinha says:

    Adsense matched content helps to boost traffic as well as to maintain bounce rate.But Adsense do not provide this feature to all publishers.You will be notified manually if your site is approved by Adsense team.However our site got approved but we didn’t implement the code.Thank you for article

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    Good article. It will help to drive traffic to the site indirectly. An awesome trick for seo

  20. vicky says:

    Here are few things to make sure Matched content type words for you: Place the ads after blog post. Make sure you have an image with every blog post. Ensure you are utilizing open graph tag on your blog.

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    My adsense account was disabled due to invalid clicks activity, Iam really very sad for this. do I apply for new adsense account?

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