15 Common Adsense Mistakes that Violate Google Adsense TOS

Google Adsense publishers often commit common AdSense mistakes that could ban their Adsense account. Google Adsense is a popular web advertising program that provides a good income source for many websites. There are well-defined terms of service to strictly adhere to when participating in the program.

On my visit through sites and forums, I daily notice several instances of misuse of Adsense ads. So here a few helpful Google Adsense tips, probably many you already know, and few you might gain by knowing now.

adsense mistakes

These Adsense faqs are all picked from the Program Policies, Terms and Conditions and FAQ itself and presented in a simplified manner.

 1. Never click your own Adsense ads or get them clicked.

This is a surefire way to close your Adsense account. Never tell your office associates or friends to click on them. Keep a check if your family or children are busy increasing your income by clicking your ads and indirectly trying to stop your income. Don’t even think of offering incentives for clicks, using automated clicking tools, or other deceptive software. Adsense is very smart to detect fraudulent clicks. Check the ads which appear on your pages by the Google Preview tool if required.

2. Only do Adsense code alterations that are allowed.

There are enough means of AdSense optimization & customizations available to change the color, background or border to suit your needs. Do whatever you want to do outside the code, never fiddle within the ad or the search code unless it is allowed for example in cases of switching to responsive code or load Adsense script once when using multiple units. They know it when you do. The search code has more limitations to color and placement, but you should adhere to the rules. The code may stop working and violates the TOS.

3. The number of ad units you can place is limited.

Do not place more than 3 ad units and 3 ad links or 2 AdSense search boxes on any web page. Anyway, ads will not appear in those units even if you place more ad units. But this is the limit they set, so it is better to stick to it. If you use the larger ad units like 300×600 ad units, you can use them only once – you cannot add 3 such units of this size – so take care to see rules with larger ad units.

4. Beware of competitive contextual text ad or search services on the same site.

Many alternate ad services offer Google Adsense competition in their field. Never try to create link units and placements resembling the Adsense ads, to confuse users. Never use other competitive search tools on the same pages which have Adsense powered Google search. While they do allow affiliate or limited-text links and other contextual advertising like Yahoo ads, Chitika, etc, ensure that they do not resemble Adsense ads.

5. Do not disclose confidential information

Do not reveal publicly information about your account like the CTR, CPM, and income derived via individual ad units or any other confidential information they may reveal to you. However, you may reveal the total money you make as per recent updates to the TOS.

6. Label ads as “sponsored links” or “advertisements” only.

Other labels are not allowed. I have seen many sites label ads with other titles. Dont make your site a target in a few seconds gaze.

7. Never launch a New Page for clicked ads by default.

Adsense ads should open on the same page. You may be using a base target tag to open all links in a new window or frame by default. Correct it now as they do not want new pages opening from clicked ads. In some regions of the world and in some premium accounts, they will enable ad clicks to open in new windows/ tabs by default.

8. One Account suffices for Multiple websites.

You do not need to create 5 accounts for 5 different websites. One account will do. If you live in the fear that if one account is closed down for violation of TOS, believe me they will close all accounts when they find out. You can keep track of clicks by using channels with real time statistics. They will automatically detect the new site and display relevant ads.

9. Place ads only on Content Pages.

Advertisers pay only for content based ads. Content drives relevant ads. Although you might manage some clicks from 404 error pages, login screens, registration, “thank you” or welcome pages, parking pages or pop ups, it will get you out of the program.

10. Do not mask ad elements.

Alteration of colours and border is a facility to blend or contrast ads as per your site requirements. I have seen many sites where the url part is of the same colour as the background. While blending the ad with your site is a good idea, hiding relevant components of the ads is not allowed. Also do not block the visibility of ads by overlapping images, pop ups, tables etc.  – a very common mistake with all new design elements.

11. Do not send your ads by email

Html formatted emails look good and allow placement of these javascript ads. But it is not allowed as per TOS. You do not want impressions registering on their logs from any email even once. They are watching!

12. Keep track of your content.

So Adsense is not allowed on several non content pages. But it is also not allowed on several content pages too. Do not add it on web pages with MP3, Video, News Groups, and Image Results. Also exclude any pornographic, hate-related, violent, or illegal content.

13. Do not alter the results after ad clicks or searches

Ensure you are not in any way altering the site which the user reaches to after clicking the ads. Do not frame, minimize, remove, redirect or otherwise inhibit the full and complete display of any Advertiser Page or Search Results Page after the user clicks on any Ad or Search results.

14. Avoid excessive advertising and keyword stuffing

Although the definition of ‘excessive’ is a gray area and is subject to discretion, yet Google adsense with correct placement, focused content and high traffic will get you much more income than other programs, so excessive advertising is not required. Keyword stuffing does target better focused ads, but overdoing it is not required. Excessive ads can also get you stick with a Google penalty.

15. Do not specify Google ads as your alternate ads.

Several services like Chitika eminimalls allow you to place alternate urls, when a targeted paying ad cannot be displayed. This involved creating a simple html page and putting the ad to be displayed instead. Even Adsense allows an alternate url feature instead of displaying public service ads. But never use Adsense ads as alternate urls as you do not know on which poor content pages they might start to show.

16. Do not confuse with adjacent images

It was a common policy to increase CTR by placing same number of images as the number of text ads, which falsely gave the impression that the text ads represented an explanation to these images. Inserting a small space or a line between the images and ads is not allowed. Make sure that the ads and images are not arranged in a way that could easily mislead or confuse your visitors.

Whenever in doubt, it is better to ask for adsense help from the learned staff of Google Adsense. They are very helpful!


  1. Laura Moncur says:

    You mentioned it in the first item, but you should clarify that you shouldn’t post:

    “Please click these ads to help us keep our site alive.”

    This is the biggest offender I see on websites.

    • Ad Sense Aspirin says:

      I am in agreement. However, getting banned is going to happen to some and when it does everyone should know how to get back up and running on google without waiting 1 month or more. i have this information for you all.

      • Brandy Becker says:

        These are some really helpful tips. I spent an hour looking for these on google, and could not find them. They make everything very hard to find, when it comes to their rules.
        Thanks Brandy

      • matt says:

        I would like that info on how to get back up should I get terminated for some reason. Thank you.

    • Yash Sharma says:

      I am very happy after Reading that article about Adsense. My Website has also some of these mistakes…

  2. FMF says:

    How can I label ads only with the terms you give (item #6) when I have four blogs and eight ad spaces. And since I use TypePad and ads are developed using TypeLists, I have to name each of the eight something different since I want different ad units, colors, etc. to be on each blog. I can’t use only these two. Or am I missing something (which could certainly be the case).

  3. PC says:

    FMF, “sponsored links” or “advertisements” only are the only terms officially allowed by google.

  4. The Candy Shop Kids says:

    I noticed that you have 2 Adsense Ads on this blog page…one on top and the oher one on the bottom.

    How are you able to do this?

    When I try to do this one of them disappears while the other remains?

    Please explain! Thank you.

  5. More Adsense Tips says:

    Google allow you to put max 3 adsense on one page, if you not able to do this, try to implement it with different custom channel or perhaps you dont have enough content, check your keywords density.

    • Bryan says:

      That is not correct.
      Currently, AdSense publishers may place up to three AdSense for content units on one webpage. You may also place a maximum of three link units and two search boxes on each webpage.

      If you place more than one ad unit on a page, our system will display unique ads to each ad unit. Because the system automatically displays an optimal number of highly targeted Google ads on each page, in some cases, the maximum number of ads may not always appear. In this case, the ad unit will show as a transparent box, or will contain any alternate ad or color specified in the ad code.

      This is correct as of 2-3-10

      • James says:

        3 Content units + 3 link units + 2 search boxes = 8 total elements per page?

        Is that correct?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was a newbie to Google adsense when i tried clicking on my own ads to get bucks, though i was very young to e-business and e-development, i didn’t have sense of business. I clicked daily, I got my first check i was happy, but on my way to 2nd check, I got banned by google.
    Now i miss this program a lot. Why was I so stupid :[

  7. Dropshippers says:

    The biggest mistake I see on sites is rule number six. I used to break that rule on some of my sites unintentionally…I didn’t know that rule existed until I happened upon it in a blog somewhere.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi! if an acc was disable let say xyz.com site, does this means that this site is ban forever? thanks

  9. Anonymous says:

    i want to know if i have clicked on my adds when google will block my account? at the same time or after a month on sending checks??

  10. Cybernetica of Vijay says:

    yeah, I realized a lot about how important it is to see the terms of service. I hope you write a similar article on google analytics sometime.

  11. How to make more money with Adsense says:

    I’ve seen plenty sites and blogs that say: click on my links coz i need to pay for my hosting :)) How naive…

  12. stas bekman says:

    That’s a nice resource, however unfortunately there are other ways that you account can be closed down, and there is nothing you can do about it – since it’s other people who do it for you. For more details see the story about how my account got closed:
    “How to Bring Google AdSense Down” Or “You are Guilty but We will not Tell You Why”.

  13. Abe Olandres says:

    And there’s the Flahs Ads now which sometimes you can’t identify if it’s from Google Adsense or not.

  14. learning to walk says:

    Do you think adsense will deteriorate soon? because other people can just throw you out of the program by clickin on your ads repetitively.

  15. Casey Yew says:

    Never promote your AdSense using traffic exchange program.

  16. Marketingtroll says:

    Sound advice, but i cant get an adsense account and no one over at google will tell me why my appilcation was not approved. They just dont respond to emails. :(

  17. Sally says:

    IMHO, rule <i>#7</i> is because Google wants to retrieve the <b>REFERER</b>. This way they know whom to pay commission for the clicked a*ds :) A browser like Opera can disable referer-logging, but Google uses JavaScript to find out the referer information. If JavaScript isn’t available, the a*ds simply not shown, right? So, the point is, if you want to get pai*d for what you deserve, don’t open the a*ds in a new window/tab. Thanks for the tip.

  18. touche says:

    Regarding:Do not add it on web pages with MP3, Video, News Groups, and Image Results.

    what do you mean by this?can sites with video from youtube for example be banned?

  19. Ravi | ??? says:

    Now adsense supports more languages – that includes Indic – Hindi, Gujarati etc.

  20. srikanth says:

    very good please me the details of how to make revenue from adsense and how to get hits thanks

  21. pankaj says:

    as u said in the 7 point that never launch a new page for ad. i have a question that if someone copy adsense ad link and open in text mode internet and open the ad link is it make any problem

  22. Smashing Kid says:

    In response to Stas Bekman’s comment #16, virtually exactly the same thing happened to our business – Google mistakenly closed our AdSense account.

    After nearly 3 years of steady page impression growth, with Adsense earnings consistent around $4-7 a day, one day our page impressions trebled, resulting in earnings of $31 in one day. Two days later our account was closed for ‘fraudulent clicks’ with no further details.

    In hindight, there was a perfectly rational explanation for the spike in page impressions – our site is soccer news related and it was a really big soccer news day. Confident we had done nothing wrong, we pled our case and launched an appeal.

    The language we used was virtually the same as your own. We too had the same theories about competitors clicking on ads. Three months later we still do not have a Google AdSense account and we have given up writing to them.

    We are now consulting a law firm since it has had a pretty serious impact on our business. We were right in the middle of closing an important round of financing, and it nearly cost us our investment.

    We are left with more questions than answers…

    We had 8 other sites which had run Google ads at various times over the past 3 years with the same Google AdSense account. Are all of them now tainted, or just the ones with active Google ads?

    Is it just the one site we think (but aren’t 100% sure) had the spike in impressions and thus the increased earnings? Google won’t tell us.

    What happens if we sell our sites to an outside buyer or transfer them to a new division? Will they be banned from Adsense too? If so, that DRASTICALLY affects the price we can seek. If we don’t know which ones are tainted, it affects the price of all of them, and it would be unethical not to disclose it to an outside buyer.

    How about sites from a sister business which had / has the same Google Analytics code running as the problem site? Are those sites tainted too?

    In summary, our experience has mean’t we have had to disclose a pretty troublesome sounding fact to outside investors right in the middle of a crucial financing. It has been very problematic for us and extremely uncomfortable.

    I’d be very interested to hear from other people who have had similar experiences or could shed light on these questions. I can be reached through the website above…

    Clearly it’s not an isolated problem…

  23. http://www.freeinfoz.com says:

    Very helpful. However i have a comment on the last point. If anyone is familiar with the Adsense Beautifier for WordPress, is that illegal too? I have removed it from my blog. I dare not reinstate it again if this is true. Its just some patterns next to the ad. However, i dont know whether its against the TOS.. Please assist. Thank you!

  24. Papaspank says:

    My Adsense account was disabled today and I’m mad as hell. As soon as my site started making money they canceled it without so much of a reason. Are there any other ad companies I could use? Thanks keepup the good work.

  25. Sumeet says:

    I am with Adsense from about 2 years now
    They are really helpful.I like their program

    Do you know about any other such program

  26. R.Pettinger says:

    Very helpful. Inadvertently I had broken 1. Minor infraction but I’m glad to be able to fix it before I get into trouble.

  27. Troubled says:

    Hi everyone!

    A couple of years ago my Adsense account was banned in my site htt://site.com then I created another site for my sister who has her own Adsense account. Her site though is hosted in a sub-directory of server, i.e

    My question is: Will b there any problem if I place her Adsense codes on my main site?

    I most appreciate any help. Thanks!

  28. asynch says:

    thanks for the tips. now i know that i’am wrong, and i will improve my blogs. thanks again. ^^

  29. Seth says:

    Troubled > I wouldn’t recommend doing that as it violates Google’s TOS. If you’re looking for an AdSense alternative, I highly recommend Chitika.

  30. Mehrdad says:

    Fortunately I have not done any of these mistakes (yet)!

  31. catur pw says:

    that is interesting article you post here.
    i am curently using adsense and adbrite, can anyone tell me is it ok to put adbrite together with google adsense?

    thanks in advance.

  32. Joynal says:

    Great post. Great guideline for new publishers. They will be benefited most.
    I recommend you all to check Program policy+TOS+Adsense Blog regularly.

  33. Jay Dubal says:

    very useful article indeed… We have faced a problem, where someone (from other country) intentionally kept clicking the ads and our adsense account was closed for fraud clicks !!!!!

    what can be done for this??? who is responsible???

  34. MJ says:

    Can someone please explain about not having Google ads next to video? What does this mean? What kind of video?

    What about underneath a youtube video embedded on a page with content?

    Thank you!

    • tinter says:

      I also interested in this. And additionally for the three ads per page. Google counts other ads too? For example if I sell banner places on my site, and for example i’m putting 5+banners on the site… Does Google have problem with this?

      thx ;)

  35. vic says:

    Hi, I am new with google adsense, first time when i implement the code. I didn’t read much and so curious that i click on my own ad. I earn $1.41 on the day.
    Since then, it earn $0. I know that i did mistakes in the past, but my account is not banned as yet as I have stop doing so.

    How do I recover from having $0?

  36. hebrink says:

    learning by mistakes… :)

  37. MJ says:

    Hey Vic, it all depends on your site. You must have ‘earned’ that $1.41 from your own clicks.

    If Google hasn’t banned you for that, then earning $0 has nothing to do with it.

    If you didn’t read it all enough to know not to click your own ads, perhaps you should try reading all/most the info that Google provides for this.

    There’s implementation, colors blending, channels for testing, etc.

    You also need a good amount of TRAFFIC.

    Good luck! :-)

  38. SK says:

    But there is more to it. Google strategically is shifting ad revenue back to its search results. Advertising on Google search result page is quite high so advertiser will end up paying multifold as compared to what he is paying now.

    Also there method of detecting invalid click is also very funny, some of them I have listed on

  39. Wong Seoul says:

    Thanks for the Info..

    I switched to Yahoo Publishers.. It pays much better than Google Adsense..

  40. lijo says:

    i have one doubt can we see our own blog daily after updating it but without any clicks in adsense ads

  41. fooartz says:

    Hi i’m a beginner. thanks for the tips can anyone check for my site is there any problem…

  42. Lokesh says:

    Thats a good list of donts.

    update:Now we can place more referral ad units on our pages than before.

  43. TimuM says:

    I think google have more than 15 criteria to delete your Adsense account.

  44. Entrepreneur says:

    I was wondering about ADBRITE- because it offers the use of Adsense as an alternative ad should Adbrite not have any ads to push to the site.

    But now that you said Google actually doesn’t allow that, I’ve taken it off. I don’t remember reading that in the T&C though, might need to go and check again unless you have the number handy.

    Because, if Google actually doesn’t allow that, isn’t that anti-free enterprise?


  45. BigDirectoryBid.com says:

    Awesome collection of tips, I will surely make a note of them. Thanks so much.

  46. BVSD PRASAD says:

    I am from Hyderabad and new to Google Adsense and want to start. Recently, I have created a web page in freewebs but THEIR google ads are getting displayed. Now I want to start my own web page just to publish Google Adsense.

    Could any one clarify my doubts.
    1) Is it worthy to have own site?
    2) Is there any one to guide me at Hyderabad for creating adsense and to guide me in web hosting.

    Your valuable suggestions are solicited.

  47. anonim says:

    Regarding clickin on own ads on one’s site. When I started using Adsense there was a month that I clicked on two of my ads, but only because I was interested in the websites that were advertised. I was sent a warning email by google. I told why I clicked. They said if I am interested in an ad than I should put their URL in my browser.
    I wrote this comment so that others who might be interested in their ads know what they sould do.

  48. MJW says:

    Guy from Hyderabad:

    Yes it’s very worth it to get your own domain and hosting, so that you don’t have to display their ads. With your own site, you pretty much can call the shots.

    If you want to get well-versed in how Google Adsense works, try webmaster forums, keep coming back to this blog here and read every single article that is here. That’s how you learn.

    As for hosting, start out with something cheap until you get the hang of it, like GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc. If you are not able to handle a lot of html coding, then you may want to get a host that has an “Easy Site Builder System”.

    Start out with this and if you have the passion, you will learn it and most likely succeed.

    Don’t BUY anything, until you fully understand the entire process!

    Good luck! :-)


  49. Kenji says:

    Thank for the article. I will feature your article on my blog so more will benefit your this great article.. Will credit you :D

  50. albert says:

    nice Adsense tips going here. thanks for that tips.
    My Adsense account was disabled. I re-applied for that one. yet they did not send any reply. After that can I apply fresh Adsense application for that site? my site : Is it possible?

  51. Hanish says:

    Hi everyone!

    A couple of months ago my Adsense account was banned in my site then I created another site for my sister who has her own Adsense account. Her site though is hosted in a sub-directory of server.
    My question is: Will b there any problem if I place her Adsense codes on my main site?

    I most appreciate any help. Thanks!

  52. MAJID says:

    good advise,i recently added google ad sense to my website,ihave been making about 50 to 80 dollars a month can anybody advice me how to make even more without getting suspended…….thank you

  53. Anand Giri says:

    this is clearly Double Standards from Google..

    for rule 7. Never launch a New Page for clicked ads by default.

    try the same adsense display in gmail.com and all the links open in new window…

    how does sites jump to another site without logging out the current user ???

    somebody advise me plzzzz

    • ankit says:

      Hi, totally agree with you and also thinking, if clicking on add opens a website in same window, then this adsence concept is altogether stupid, as the no of adds we are placing on the page are no of gateway to get the customers or visitors out of our website.

      What it means to me is ” on one side we are trying to get the traffic and other side they are moving out, and if this prevails then how will the concept of EPCM works, as then CTR and EPCM both are working against each other.

      On rule 9. Place ads only on Content Pages. Google themselves break this rule in there venture Orkut.com , when we visit albums and pics they show the banner add, which has nothing to do with text, as there is hardly any text on that page.

      If anyone comes with some suggestions on both these points or how google is doing different from its publishers, please update here.

  54. Wordster says:

    #1 Google Preview tool don’t show exact results that will be after placing on page.

  55. Harian says:

    “Ensure you Language is Supported”

    If I have blog in Indonesian language (not english),
    may I use my adsense code to my blog?

  56. Chopper says:

    I’m glad I saw this article beause I’m just starting to use Adsense. I still have a bit of a community built up and it’s good to know some of these basic rules so I don’t have to learn the hard way. I really wan’t sure how many d blocks you could put on one page but you’re article cleared it up for me.

  57. Konrad says:

    Thanks a lot for all the good advice. I take use of adsense for some years and learned to optimize the results – but not with forbidden tricks.

    I agree with your recommendations – you’re right.

    Nevertheless – there are some webmasters, which specify Google ads as alternate ads. And it seems as if it works well on pages with not supported language like icelandic.


    Best regards


  58. Rajeev Edmonds from Adsense Primer says:

    One more can be added that never steal other publishers Ad code to alter and paste in your web pages.

  59. rajdeep says:

    hi i have launched my webpage 4months ago and google started showing ads on my site but my reveneu is not increasing it is still o$.please tell me where i am making mistake….i have also registered site on search engines but its not changing….plz help me..

  60. rajdeep says:

    hi i have registered my webpage 4 months ago but did not earned a single penny.i have registered my page on search engine now tell me how to increse traffic and where i am making mistakes?

  61. Bollywood says:

    Thank you very much for this post. It clears that we should not use adsense on only image pages (like image gallery). But I have seen a lot of websites use adsense on the gallery pages without any problem. Any way thanks again.

  62. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Google has smart algorithms which can easily detect fraud clicks. Never click your own ads, it is a sure way to get banned.

  63. Ocylix says:

    how bout if i own a computer cafe? i wouldn’t know if they clicked my ads in the same computer… i just don’t get how google find fraud clicks. i asked this coz i’m planning to post my ads on my default page on my shop… i don’t want to be banned, and i don’t think i’m violating any rules.

  64. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Google has smart ways to determine if clicks are invalid. If they suspect so, they simply remove the invalid clicks from paying you. An accidental click, or a determined clicker cannot get you banned.

  65. Ravindra RVS says:

    I have started a website and activated my adsense account. The site is getting good response. Your tips helped me a lot. T/y very much.

  66. nj seo says:

    clicking your own ads – one of the quickest ways to get banned :-)

  67. toronto painting says:

    eventually you shouldn’t click adds on your own page, but there are people who do so carefully. however don’t try it at home…

  68. Kazi says:


    Nice site and usful article on google adsense. Please tale some usefull tips how to bring good number of traffic in the adsense site.

  69. Julia says:

    Rule #9. Place ads only on Content Pages.

    Would it be a problem if adsense code is placed on the sitemap page as Sitemap consist mainly of links and basically no content. Would that be a violation?

  70. roffi says:

    changing codes is not even monitored by google!! my friend earns 60$ dollar a day through adsense, and he violates the rule because his blog is in Indonesian language.. so who is wrong here!!!!!

  71. Roshni Poddar says:


    I am new in this google adsense and did a few mistakes from your list in the beginning but now have learned from them.

    Thanx for all of them

  72. Catholic Naju says:

    Gr8! But a question sometimes google cancel an account if the ads are clicked several times frequently form a same IP. So a competitor can misuse and try to ban your adsense account.

  73. Internet Business World says:

    Thank you for these great tips.I have a question and need your response on this issue.There are some adsense ready wordpress themes where you just need to put your publishers ID instead of creating your own adsense box in adsense setup.Is it legal?

  74. SongNetworks says:

    thank you for the info i am new to the adsense game good post thanks

  75. DestinyLifeTravel.com says:

    I’d like to see some earnings numbers to really see what’s possible with adsense. I’m still a newbie.

  76. Melson says:

    A useful reminder on the don’ts.

    Despite so, there are still people revealing CTR on digitalpoint forums

  77. Z says:

    Whatz better ?
    Using same/single adsense code in diff. pages or using diff. adsense codes in diff. pages ?

  78. itsmyGang says:

    Thanks for reviewing the TOS for Google Adsense, I was looking for the Email one. I got it now and will never send emails with adsense code. I thought it will be a nice idea to add the adsense code in Emails, but it violate the Google TOS.
    Once again Thank You.

  79. Micheal says:

    Sincerely speaking, i just created my blog for the purpose of making money with the blogtoolbar, which if u have 2500 active users will get u about 800usd a month and about adsense, it so tempting not to violate their rule of clicking your own ads especially when using another pc, anyway i dont want to get banned but its really hard for me to refer my friend to my blog without reminding him to click ads of products that intrest him thru my site, i have even bought a product from google adsense in my site, thanks for the info, i should be more careful now

  80. Danny says:

    My site gets about 6000 pageloads per day after 9 months in operation.

    My site features nutty news, displaying mugshots along with the story behind a particular arest.

    I display both adsense and adbright ads.

    The adsense ads get more clicks, yet adbright has been paying out almost double what adsense does.

    On an average day I’ll make $1 from adsense, but I’ll make $3 or $4 from adbright. This is a consistent trend day after day.

    I’ve added this post for those who have been kicked out of participating with adsense… Believe me, there are options.

  81. c0d3r says:

    Very very interesting and informative tips. Ive been voilating no.6 w/o knowing ! Thanx for the tip :)

  82. TJantunen says:

    In my opinion adsense ads works best with sites that have enourmous traffic. If you only get something about 100-200 unique visitors per day, adsense may not work very well on your site.

  83. Save-Money says:

    These all seem reasonable to me, with one exception:

    “Never click your own adsense ads or get them clicked for whatever reason”.

    Yahoo! figured out how to auto-filter clicks you make on your own web pages. Certainly Google should do the same.

    Great article!

  84. Josh says:

    Great tips! I’ve recently started using Adsense seriously on my new blogs. These are all great things to know if you don’t want to get banned… and you will. I’ve heard too many horror stories.

  85. iloveyoump3 says:

    thx for info. i just wanna know i have new website contain mp3 search engine. does google allowed mp3 search engine web site?my site doesnt host any of mp3 files. it just indexing from 3rd party.
    i search on some forum but have not get answer yet.
    its confusing me .


    I have created a website.I tried it to register with Adsense two times.But Adsense rejected my request.Please help me.

  87. Jessica says:

    Thanks again for revealing so much of your business secret. :D
    Together with the first post, I got the idea of earning of Adsense now, I will try to figure out what to do on my website along with your guidance. :)

  88. Carlos says:

    Great tips! I am very, very new to Adsense (it’s just this week that I received their approval to have Adsense on my blot) and I really needed all the information I can get won’t get banned. In other words, I want to earn something but all under the proper Google Adsense rules! The discussion among your viewers are very rich too.Thanks!

  89. tomek says:

    4. Do not run competitive contextual text ad or search services on the same site which offer Google Adsense competition in their field.

    …. this is no longer true. Google allows competitor ads now.

  90. Dawn says:

    This is a great article. Even though a few items are now different, every new publisher should read this. It could sav them a lot of wasted potential money in the future.

  91. Rrohit Kumar says:

    Yeah it’s true that if you are honest and follow the adsense TOS you will never get banned. Making website is easily now because software is available now to create website automatically with no efforts and no html knowledge but the main problem is to get traffic, for those who cannot spend money on advertising.

  92. Mike says:

    Thanks for the post! I just got approved by adsense, then I found your article. Thanks to your article, I am avoiding some big mistakes.

  93. dino says:

    thanks for your tips, but i think you should also tell those adsense clickers to obey the rules and not play by it.

  94. BSB Center says:

    very good and I like what you say but the problem is the very low income from the program it self …I have very big traffic but with very low CPM more traffics lead to less CPM..
    before I was only get at most 200 visit to my site and i earn about 12 to 15 $ a day know I have more than 2000 visit a day and only I get from 1 to 2 $ a day..

    thank you a gaine

  95. Indra says:

    A very useful tips. Thank you very much. I will make some changes to my websites. Hope my adsense revenue will increase dramatically. Thanks again.

  96. James says:


    I had a question that I was hoping you knew the answer to. I have a search bar on my site that is not from google. I made it myself and it only shows results from my site. Will I be banned for having a google ad appear on my search results page?

  97. Expert says:

    The points mentioned are absolutely true.But the worst things mentioned here is in the points 7th n 8th… I ask u admin who the hell said u that the adds should not be opened in new tab? If a visitor is interested to stay in same page.. he will open add in new window..

    2nd thing,mentioned in point 8…How can say that u should not maintain multiple accounts? Do u work for google or r u in adsense team?.. this is absolutely wrong.. Publishers can maintAIN multiple accounts UNDER DIFFERENT PAYEE NAMES..Google will not remove ur account if they find since they r under diff. payee names..

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Hi Expert. Thanks for your points. On point 7, of course users are free to open links in new tabs. The terms state that your site should not open these links on new pages by default. On point 8, thanks for informing us that publishers can maintain multiple accounts under different payee names.

  98. Anish K.S says:

    Nice tips, good guide to newbies and experts.

  99. trade show display booths says:

    Wow, this post is four years old but still very relevant. Nice job.
    BTW, I guess based on your points, I can’t put:
    “Please help support my website and click on one of these ads!”
    Believe it or not, I have seen people do that, though not it a while…
    Steve, aka “trade show display booths”

  100. Doug M says:

    These rules make some sense, but I am not having good luck with Google Adense. I get the same exact ads nearly every time, and all are competitor game sites.

    The provide only a lame bandaid fix to filter out competitor ads thinking we are going to take the hours it takes to click on competitor ads to get the link or domain name (that does not appear in all the ads).

    Getting the wrong ads does as much damage to an online business as it would if Google simply posted p0rnographic ads instead.

  101. Harsh Agrawal says:

    Great tip…Stumble the list..TFS

  102. ChristianPF says:

    Wow, it is 4 years later and this is still great advice – thanks for sharing!

  103. Durgesh nautiyal says:

    Lots of informative tips,

    always remember not to put too much of adds into your page. it must contain good content too.

  104. Fakhri says:

    I think that arabic language is supported and you did not list it under google adsense supported languages.

  105. Fred G says:

    Very good tips. Encouraging clicks is just using poor judgement when you think about it. Thanks for the post!

  106. Sh.Abazi says:

    Do you if someone gets banned from Adsense, does the person get banned or the web page ?
    For example if I got my account disabled but now closed my web site and opened a new one different can I sign up again or am I banned forever ?

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      They ban your whole account usually. But they are responsive to your queries, depending on the reason they banned it.

  107. Carrie Burrows says:

    Does this mean that I am not allowed to participate in other affiliate programs and/or LinkShare if I have Adsense?

  108. Pixel says:


    What a great article.
    I want to ask you about few things:

    1. I plan to build a site which automatically embed the videos from youtube and install the adsense code there.
    Am I allowed to do this based on the Google Adsense TOS ?

    2. I also plan to track my data with the program called “site super tracker”. Am I allowed to do this?

    Kindly give me some explanations.


  109. azam khan says:

    I cant get an adsense account and no one over at Google will tell me why my application was not approved. They just don’t respond to emails. Please I request u all to give me some advice or tips to get an approval.

  110. Rahul - Web Guru says:

    I think this article has to be updated. Some of the points noted here are not relevant in this period of time.

  111. sunilkumar says:

    What happens if some one clicks on my adds 1000s of times? I never clicked on my ads at least once also.

  112. islam says:

    thanks for this tips its really helpfull

    but i ve some questions regarding adsense:

    i ve another website but its language differ from the language of the site im using adsense on it , so i ve to create a new account for that site or i can put adsense code on that site although its language is different ?

    my second question is : i ve a Google adword voucher so is it OK to have an adword account and adsense account or im breaking there policy but for your information my Google adword is provided from my domain host so what can i do ?

    my third question is how to target my advertising or how to add keyword to increase click rate ?

    finally , i ve some unused domain and i seen that adsense offer you to use your unused domains so if i do so it will decrease my earning of every product have its price as the ad sense have 4 categories :
    1- adsense for content.
    2- adsence for search.
    3- adsense for feeds.
    4- adsense for domain.
    im asking if i use all the categories for adsense my earning will decrease as it distributed on them.

    thanks and sorry for that long comment hope to answer my questions & thanks a lot.

  113. Richard Cummings says:

    These are very good points to remember. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember to follow all of these so I like to implement all of my ads in a template so I just have to do it one time!

  114. giysi giydirme oyunlari says:

    i was placing a google adsense ads before game is loading. They have banned me for this reason without warning. today atmost all of the game sites are placing pre game adsese ads before their game load. What you are doing don’t have to violate the adsense TOS. Sometimes you are in editor’s hands.

  115. joe says:

    it necessary thing, nice tips, i need to be careful of this :)

  116. Asad says:

    I have question. I have website where people can make their own pages, Can I allow them to paste their own google adsesne code in their pages so they can also earn out of it. would that be legal. In this case there will be usage many adsense accounts in the same website. ??



  117. Vikas Rathi says:

    Thanks a lot for such valuable post. I just got activated my Google Adsense account and find your article. It’s all pleasure to go through.

  118. String Function says:

    is it wrong to place an ad next to a submit button?
    cheers! :)

  119. FertilAid says:

    Wow this post is old but yet it is still relevant. Overall great information. One of my friends Accounts was closed and for no apparent reason. In this case I would read over the TOS a few times and even confirm it with some other people. I have heard many more horror stories of people having a lot of money in their account and Google shutting it down with no warning. Your whole business can be shut down in the blink of an eye. That’s scary. I word of advice don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

  120. Abeon says:

    This is a little outdated but still a usefull overview of common mistakes.
    If you have just created an adsense account or are about to reach payout, it may be worth a quick double check.

    Google are well known for letting you get close to the payout limit ($98ish) then closing your account for breaking the TOS ;)

    I still use adsense for several sites, but direct adverts seem to pay the most.

  121. BBC Webhosting says:

    is there a better service than google adsense which works by paypal?

  122. kopi tubruk says:

    thanks for this, i almost brake the rule by uploading my adsense stat.

  123. Jay says:

    Thanks for the advice, It was relay helpful. I was banned from Google about a year ago, now i am trying open a new account. I don’t know if they will let me open a new account.

    If any one got banned from google and opened a new account, please let me know how did you do it.


  124. Techmaker says:

    I also started with google adsense 2 days back. I convert my adsense code for blogger by using a tool. Now I can display them inside my posts. Is it legal? Check my blog and tell me.

  125. William Willy says:

    I found an intersting list about people who make big money using Google Adsense.I was really amazed to know such masive amounts can be made using Google Adsense.The list may not be accurate but the autjor compiled this list based on the data available publicly.

    Though i’m making $1750 a months as a Nigeria, but to make more money months with google adsense and i think is the best and most easiest way to make money online. Even though many find it difficult to believe but that’s true.

  126. Wazabe says:

    Is it illegal to change to size of the adsense? Aside from the pre-determined sized that google has given..

  127. Mom Blog says:

    Well that’s some helpful info. I was wondering why the 3rd ad on the page wasn’t showing up. Interesting now that I tried to remove it the code isn’t disappearing even after completely disabling the code from my sidebar widget. Any idea why this would be happening?

  128. zed says:

    2. Never change the Adsense code ?? I saw some services that generate SEO friendly code. i.e they modify the code for you in a way that it become more SEO friendly (at least that’s what they say) I don’t think I’ll do it again !!

    thanks for the article :)

  129. saad says:

    It was nice review but i didn’t quite understand Ensure you Language is Supported and it didn’t allowed as per TOS.

  130. Life And Needs says:

    This is a good article, but is there any specification for the spacing?

  131. Yogesh says:

    Can I place three ad unit (two of size 300×250 and one of 468×60) along with a link text unit of size (728×90). Suggest me in this.

  132. Thoiba says:

    I ve a google ads account. I created lots of blog page and published it. It was 3 months gone even $00.01 also not received, what’s result?

    i have no idea how to meke ctr or click CPC.

    plz Someone help me i will give $5. i satisfied my confused.
    Q. When i start to get $00.01 to my google account. thanks

  133. Hossain says:

    Nice and true. But if an advertiser click other website ads then what would be happend?

  134. Sudip says:

    I have a Google AdSense account but I don’t want to use it on my blog. What can I face If I remove all ad code from my blog? Please tell me.

  135. Sampson says:

    Hey thanks for your help. But in my own case I have never been able to get my Adsense account approved! No reasons except the “violation of Google Adsense TOS”. Is there a way to find out what I have done wrong? I have tried about four times already to set up the account.

  136. Damilare Bakare says:

    i have really learned alot from that post about adsense, it is really resourceful

  137. mohit says:

    if we ping and the bots come to crawl website.. and maybe if any other enemy of our click…. then wil we get ban??? then how can we be safe from this???

  138. george says:

    NIce article. I find it very useful because i use Adsense ads on my blog and i dont want to get banned

  139. Angraj says:

    You need to update point 15 as Hindi is AdSense sepported language now.

  140. Rani Kaithi Mehra says:

    I am running my blog for 3 months, and I also get some amount of organic traffic… after that, I have gone for AdSense approval but, they reject my application for four times, please guide me what should I do?

  141. Shweta says:

    NIce article. I find it very useful because i use Adsense ads on my blog and i dont want to get banned But You need to update point 15 as Hindi is AdSense sepported language now.

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