Check Out the New Google Logo

Google changed their logo today and simplified the logo design further. They switched from the previous serif font to more cleaner and simpler sans serif font.

Why did Google change their logo?

Google wants is logo to look great across a range of devices, from desktops to the smallest of mobile screens and upcoming Android watches.

Here is the old¬†Google Logo…

old google logo

Here is the new Google Logo…

new google logo

Did the logo colors change?

Google has however, retained the 4 colors which have come to represent the colorful Google identity. Even the Google icon is now represented by 4 colors, so that it matches the logo.

The new Google logo is changing across all Google properties. Sundar Pichai, the new Google CEO is making these new changes and it really looks good. Did you know Google is now part of Alphabet, a new holding company!

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