New Yahoo! Mail Finally Gets Free Email Forwarding, POP Access

Yahoo! Mail finally gets free email forwarding, free POP access, 200 filters and free disposable email addresses. The new Yahoo! email features are part of the 16th birthday celebrations, which has finally made Yahoo! make the most essential features free like POP access and free mail forwarding.

While Gmail has these features since the very beginning, Yahoo! came out with these features too late, when millions of its users have already shifted to Gmail.

New Yahoo! Mail

new yahoo mail

The new Yahoo! mail incarnation also has some standard Gmail features built in like Conversations, which clubs to and fro messages from an email discussion together. While this has been a major feature of Gmail, Yahoo made this live now. Also for the storage space hungry users, they are now offering 1TB space to all! With 200 filters and disposable email addresses, Yahoo Mail is headed the right way.

yahoo email themes

Also get new beautiful themes using Flickr images or solid colors. I logged into Yahoo! mail after a long time (last time was when Yahoo! was going to recycle my email account!) and in fact really love the new Yahoo! Mail experience  – it is really super fast, clean and vibrant. I might actually use it now, though I have been considering auto-forwarding emails for a long time.

Free Mail Forwarding / POP

I have been a Yahoo Mail Plus user for a long time and by spending $19.99, I used to forward my Yahoo! Mail to Gmail, as this was not a free feature. Removing ads was a secondary benefit with that, and they also promised better spam filters! There is no doubt I still got better spam control with Gmail.

The feature is still not easy to find and I had to spend a good 10 minutes clicking all settings before I could find it. Go to Settings > Accounts > Yahoo Account > Edit and you fill find the auto-forwarding options

yahoo email forwarding

You can also take advantage of the new free POP access which allows you to configure POP clients like Thunderbird and Outlook to download email offline from Yahoo! Mail

What happened to Premium Yahoo Mail Plus?

They have transitioned it into Ad Free Mail –  so for $49.99 / year – it will remove ads and never let your account expire. The earlier Yahoo Mail Plus users can continue to get the new Ad Free Mail for $19.99 / year at the earlier rate. They transformed the New Flickr in a similar way earlier.

After giving try to addresses and Yahoo dot email addresses – Now I can reactivate usage of ALL my older Yahoo Mail accounts and forward them to a single account. I did this for Gmail years back, but now it seems possible in Yahoo! too. I love the new interface and Yahoo might actually convince people to get using Yahoo mail again.  What are your thoughts?


  1. hakim says:

    This is good news for yahoo mail user like me. I’ve been waiting free forwarding feature for a long time. Now I can manage my multiple Yahoo account to my main yahoo mail. Thanks Y!

  2. B says:

    Thank you for this article! During the redesign, some very old email forwarding settings were turned on and I couldn’t figure out where they were located to shut them off. I was able to find them with your forwarding tips.

  3. Hyptia says:

    Now yahoo user will use it with more freedom because number of people are waiting for it from long time.

  4. best cloth diapers says:

    I like the new Yahoo, it’s great

  5. nascent says:

    still not seeing the free forwarding options..

  6. Roy Mount says:

    Yahoomail service is also good option and i used this service for a long time. thanks for share some new about yahoo.

  7. Misha says:

    This is good but still Yahoo mail suffers from hang up issue…….Yahoo should look in to this as users are now using better services like Gmail….

    • siya sinha says:

      Really I am agree with us, yahoo is a good site but i want to see this site similar to gmail .

  8. time jackson says:

    The forwarding option is gone now.

    They have removed the feature it seems because it is not there any more.

  9. Joe Smith says:

    I too have multiple yahoo accounts which I would like to link to yahoo mail. This is a great feature and thanks for the explanation.

  10. Bappy Ahmed says:

    This is good news for yahoo mail user like me. I’ve been waiting free forwarding feature for a long time. Now I can manage my multiple Yahoo account to my main yahoo mail. Thanks Y!

  11. spookseo says:

    This update is really good especially when you want to save lots of time. Let us just hope that Yahoo! also focuses on its virus programs. So many spams are coming into accounts and they should be filtered by the moderators themselves.

  12. vijay says:

    thank you for sharing this information about yahoo mails thanks friends

  13. suman singh says:

    I would like to thank you for sharing a new updated yahoo feature, this is good to me and professionals.

  14. Bob says:

    This is “too little too late” for me. Yahoo was inexcusably behind in its free offerings for YEARS, and now that it finally offers industry standard features, it does so without any announcements and with other changes to its offerings that try to extract more money while offering less value. I don’t see any standout features in yahoo mail that would make me want to start using them more, and I’m worried that in the future, they’ll start to charge for things that were previously free, or raise their prices a lot for things that were previously cheap.

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