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Yahoo! Mail is offering a free Ymail email account on Did you miss a chance to get your name in your Yahoo! mail account, then hurry to grab your Ymail login at the new extension which allows users to finally use their favorite usernames. If you always wanted a Gmail extension, you can now choose a this email ID instead.

What is Ymail?

Get ymail ID

Ymail is simply another Yahoo! mail service, which they have created to get a cool short email @ymail similar sounding to @Gmail, and can be a good alternate Gmail ID. Besides Ymail email, they are also opening registrations to RocketMail, one of the very first free Webmail services that Yahoo! acquired in 1997. These domains have the same Yahoo! Mail experience like unlimited storage, integrated instant messaging and localized versions around the world, with easy access to Messenger, Flickr, Groups etc.


Hurry and you have the chance to grab your perfect email address to help reflect who you are. This short and sweet email ID will surely appeal to a wide range of email users. This means now Yahoo! email comes in 3 styles –,, or Get that email address you always wanted. I was one of the early users of Yahoo Mail and have seen the transformation of Yahoo over the years, and how it has kept up the competition with Google email services which actually were launched much later.

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Creating the availability of new domain names for email use has been a frequently used gimmick to attract users who missed their favorite IDs – remember the Yahoo “Dot” email addresses or the Cool Hotmail options. Similarly, there is a large variety of domain names available to all users to get their vanity domain names.

Ymail vs Yahoo

Yahoo mail and Ymail are both email services provided by Yahoo.

Yahoo Mail is a free email service provided by Yahoo. It allows users to send and receive emails and offers a number of features, including the ability to customize your inbox, schedule emails to be sent later, and search through your emails using advanced filters.

Yahoo is a web portal that offers a range of services, including email, news, sports, finance, and more. It also provides access to a number of other Yahoo-branded services, such as Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo News.

Therefore, Ymail is the email service provided by Yahoo, while Yahoo is a broader web portal that includes a range of services, including email.

Ymail Login

As of April 2013, if you want to create ymail account, the option is not available on the Yahoo login page. Though the existing account still works, over time it has become synonymous with Yahoo Mail itself. The Ymail login will work from the Yahoo Mail login page seamlessly.

Maybe they decided to keep the Yahoo branding intact with only one email ID and since this name was being confused more with Gmail, or seems like an attempt to copy Gmail.

Now the next-gen people are using Ymail as a short form to refer to Yahoo mail itself.

Ymail Domain

A whois search for Ymail domain reveals that the site is hosted on Yahoo servers. The Ymail domain nameservers also point to and so on. The Ymail domain name registrant is mentioned as Yahoo Assets LLC. And indeed for me now the domain redirects to which is the yahoo mail login page.

Ymail: Create an Account

It’s no longer possible to create Ymail accounts. It was a limited-time deal. Create a Yahoo mail account and get the same functionality.

Ymail vs Gmail

Here are some key differences between Yahoo Mail and Gmail:

  • Ownership: Yahoo Mail is owned by Yahoo, which is now part of Verizon Media. Gmail is owned by Google.
  • User interface: Both services have clean and modern user interfaces, but they differ in terms of layout and features. For example, Gmail has a left-side panel that shows your email folders and labels, while Yahoo Mail has a top-side panel that shows your email folders and labels.
  • Storage: Both services offer a large amount of storage for your emails and attachments, but Gmail currently offers more storage space (15 GB) than Yahoo Mail (1 TB).
  • Spam filters: Both Yahoo Mail and Gmail have advanced spam filters that are designed to prevent unwanted emails from reaching your inbox. However, Gmail’s spam filter is generally considered to be more effective at blocking spam and phishing emails.
  • Extra features: Both services offer a variety of extra features, such as the ability to schedule emails, add attachments, and customize your inbox. However, Gmail has more features and integrations with other Google products, such as Google Calendar and Google Drive.

Ultimately, the choice between Ymail/Yahoo Mail and Gmail will depend on your personal preferences and which features are most important to you. Both services are reliable and offer a good experience for most users.

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