Cool Hotmail From MSN India: Custom Windows Live Email

I spotted a new service by Microsoft called Cool Hotmail, as I browsed through the MSN India Tech section. If you are bored of your Windows Live Hotmail (formerly MSN Hotmail) and want to add a unique domain name in your email id, then CoolHotmail is for you. How about [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]!

Cool lets you create email accounts with a large variety of custom domain names. They have .com and .in domain names. There are 5 broad categories to choose from.

Where you live – you can grab [email protected]
Who you like – show your celebrity fan status – get [email protected]
Who you are – You like dating, try [email protected]
What you like – Love playing tennis, get [email protected]
Random – choose other random domain name emails like [email protected] etc.

Amazed by the variety of domain names available, I decided to give it a try. I tried to create a email address. Remember it is a usual windows live hotmail account after all, packaged with a new domain name. You will get a new e-mail account provided by Windows Live Hotmail and your e-mail address is your Windows Live ID, which can also be used to access instant messaging and other services and Windows Live network. Then you have to accept the Domain Owner’s agreement

“ may decide to discontinue your e-mail service at any time and you will lose your e-mail address and the contents of your e-mail account. We have asked them to notify us before they discontinue your e-mail service. When they notify us, we will try to contact you so you can save your e-mails. We will also provide you instructions on how to choose a new e-mail address.”

But not minding the fine print, if you really like a cool new email id, powered by your Windows Live Hotmail, then Cool Hotmail is a great idea. There is an amazing range of id’s to choose from. Grab your account before your favorite domain name is taken.