New Default Avatars for Second Life Residents

Are you bored of your Second Life Avatars? New Second Life residents often find it difficult to customise their avatars initially, which can lead to funny goof ups and embarrassing situations too. Second Life has now introduced a brand new set of default avatars.

New Second Life Avatars Five top Resident designers (like Adam n Eve, Nylon Pinkney etc.) are offering new Residents this new look. New residents can now fly around with confidence of their default avatar till they get more accustomed to changing their clothing, hairstyle etc…

They promise new avatars will be swapped in and out of the avatar selection part of the registration process and the different styles will appeal to the widest possible users. Keep watching for the new avatars!

Its easy to change Avatars in Second Life in a few seconds – simply open your inventory and go to Library > Clothing and drag and drop to get a new appearance to surprise your friends. This video will explains more ways to do it.

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Awesome, I loved the new avatars.


please give me some information about seconlife that what is it?what does it do?what is the advantages?what the philosophy of creating it? and some information about it that can help me please.


ciaoooooooooo a tutti