The Best Way to Secure Your Google Email Account

It is very essential to secure your Google Gmail account and a password is simply not enough now. Have you ever wondered how much we depend on Google services for every online activity, and not only Gmail, and all this is secured by a single password. With password hacking too easy nowadays, what is the next level of password security?

2 Step Verification

Welcome to 2 Step authentication. Frankly speaking this feature has been around for a long time and many people who had their email hacked will tell you they wished they had activated  2 Step authentication,  but how many actually do it?

It basically means that when you login, Google will send the user a one time password (OTP) on their mobile phone (to confirm it is indeed you!) and once you enter the verification code, you can login in. It seems difficult to do this everytime, but read on …

Setup 2 Step Authentication

Go to your Google account and login – Then run the Google Security checkup. It will allow you to setup all your security features on your account one by one.

google security

2step verification settings

Alternatively you can directly visit and check how your 2 step authentication is set up. Basically you need to specify a mobile phone number where you can receive OTP and enter the verification code after the password. You can also opt for voice calls.

phone verify

You can choose then choose trusted devices and computers so it will not prompt for OTP again. So this makes it real easy for users.

registered computer

But my mobile is not with me? Just incase you are travelling and your mobile is lost/ not available, you can choose to print OTP codes, use a physical security key by Yubico (which I will share in the next post) and even have back up mobile phone options.

Google Email Account Security

2step verification onDo I use it? I had activated this feature many times but getting a One time password (OTP) on my mobile phone at every login was tedious and for sake of ease I deactivated it many times. But now the feature is easier to implement as it allows trusted devices where once you set up  2 Step authentication, it will not keep prompting you for OTP on your everyday computer or mobile Gmail app. While if any hacker tries to access you account he needs your mobile phone!

Its a 1 time setup – So basically it is a one time setup, and then it helps to keep your account secured forever. It takes a few minutes, but is 100% worth your time to secure your Google account. Its better than security questions which are easy to guess or you usually forget. Do it today.

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  1. Bharat says:

    I am using OTP for my gmail account.

  2. Rama Krishna says:

    This was really better for gmail security purpose what i had seen idea shared here.
    Thanks a lots


    Rama Krishna

  3. Harish says:

    I always use mobile phone verification. after all, my all the important accounts are connected to my email. Very good tips. Thanks

  4. Carol Powers says:

    Having a mobile phone number on your account is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to help keep your account safe. For example, Google can use the phone number to challenge people if they try to break into your account, and send you a verification code so you can get into your account if you ever lose access. Giving a recovery phone number to Google won’t result in you being signed up for marketing lists or getting more calls from telemarketers.

  5. Maurice Aghazu says:

    i have read and applied this post and i have applied the tips given.. i can now proudly say my gmail is protected.. thanks for sharing this. #smiles

  6. Chitrapathi says:

    Hi, it is a very useful guide. The software was developed more for all programs and features. So the account gets hacking easily, it was very important that each one should know to protect their accounts. This is really a valuable one to all and you have explained those steps in a clear way. So, thank you so much for this nice guide!

  7. Ronit Roy says:

    Hi Chandra,
    Thanks for share about How to secure my gmail account. I think, currently google brings awesome and interesting security system for users. I love google’s services.

  8. Yahoo Customer Support says:

    Yes, Good one post!! Google mail users also feel secure after reading this post.

  9. Michael Hamilton says:

    Thanks for sharing this very informative article. Now we already know how to secure our google account.

  10. Aabitsoft India says:

    This was really good that was the best way to stay secure with your Gmail account

  11. Kez says:

    Thanks for the great information. I have always planned to secure my gmail email but I always tend to forget but after reading this I have finally secured my gmail email.

  12. magicprix says:

    Second Step verification is most powerful security Step for any email account.

  13. 360Website Designing says:

    Your account security is very important and with this OTP option, it ensures to make your gmail account completely safe and secure. I just now enabled the 2 step verification.

  14. Gudtalent says:

    I agree with you. Am using the two step verification method and it’s been of good help ever since. Guess am gona try other security steps as well.

  15. Gudtalent says:

    Yea.. I totally agree with you. I have been using the the two step verification method. Guess I have to try other methods as well.

    Thanks for the info

  16. Covalent Softwares says:

    We, being the top web designing company in Delhi uses the two step verification method, and its awesome.

  17. Royal Mail says:

    Your post is very useful to those who use google mail as their personal account. Thanks for your kindly sharing!

  18. john says:

    great information! hope this will really help in protecting my gmail account against hackers.

  19. kamal halim says:

    Thanks. Just finish doing all the steps for my gmail. Before I just back up my gmail with another gmail account but after read your post I’m done set up mobile verification.

  20. Michelle Olsan says:

    Really a great info! now i have completed all the major steps required. Thanks for sharing the process.Most often i use Gmail account for mailing to my co-workers and upper management. Security and safety of the mailing content is always required and because of that reason i think; you have done a great favor for especially for me.

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