How to Get New Gmail Tabs Inbox

Gmail has released the new Gmail tabs inbox which lets you sort your emails better, separating your primary inbox from emails from social media updates, email promotions, subscription alerts, and forum subscriptions. Basically it puts you in control of your Gmail inbox in a much better way than before.

Gmail has been trying to help heavy email users sort their inboxes by labels, archives, stars, and of course the Gmail priority inbox. Though all these were good attempts, this new tabbed inbox seems much better and highlights better Google’s understanding of email types, possibly based on learning from the Gmail priority inbox.

Get Gmail Tabs Now

Well, it seems that the new Gmail tabs are not enabled by default in all Gmail accounts. Interested users need to configure Gmail inbox to activate the Gmail tabs. So here is how you can get started with the new Gmail tabs.

Click on the Settings icon on the top right corner of your Gmail dashboard. Click on ‘Configure inbox’

configure gmail inbox

Once you choose to configure inbox, a pop-up alert will ask you which tabs you want to enable and displays the possible e-mail senders whose e-mails will be sorted under the corresponding Gmail tab.

gmail inbox tabs

Once you choose the Gmail tabs which you wish to enable, you can save your choice and the next screen will reload Gmail with all the new Gmail tabs you selected. Wow, the tabs also have alerts to new incoming emails.

Gmail Tabs

Enjoy your new Gmail experience with Gmail tabs and let Gmail intelligence sort your e-mails and save time for you.

See this video now to preview the amazing new Gmail features

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