Gmail Priority Inbox Fixes Email Overload

Gmail Priority Inbox is Google’s answer to fix Email Overload. Is your Gmail inbox cluttered with useless emails while important emails are missed in the email flood? You need this…

Google has a new evolved Gmail filter to that help users separate bologna / bacn from your important emails. Priority Inbox is like your personal assistant, helping you focus on the messages that matter without requiring you to set up complex rules.

So what is bacn? A new term I learnt today which means email which has been subscribed to and is therefore not unsolicited, but is often not read by the recipient for a long period of time, if at all. Bacn has been described as “email you want but not right now”. And this is what Gmail Priority Inbox will separate, besides the spam.

Gmail Priority Inbox is rolling out over the week to all Gmail accounts and will feature –

  • Automatic sorting – Gmail uses a variety of signals to identify important email, including which messages you open and which you reply to.
  • Sections keep you organized – Incoming email gets separated into sections: important and unread, starred, and everything else. Don’t like these? Customize them.
  • Predictions improve over time – Over time, Priority Inbox gets better at predicting what’s important to you. You can help train it using the train buttons.

I am sure we will all love this new feature. Thanks Gmail…

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