Googlers Create Amazing Googley Art Walls [Videos]

Google encouraged Googlers to create amazing Googley Art Wall  and decided to awards the contest winner a nice dinners and a donation to the charity of its choice.

So Googlers from around the world started creating beautiful Googley ‘art walls’ on small budgets and their own time. Seven weeks later, 23 teams from 12 offices across eight countries submitted videos and photographs. Here is a cool remix of the winners.

Googley Art Walls Winners

Grand prize winner: Rubik’s Cubes Galore – a giant Google doodle made of 850 Rubik’s Cubes.

Runners-up: Periodic Table of Google Elements –  a colorful collection of facts and stats about Google and the Internet arranged as a giant periodic table;

Runner up: Google Paris Metro Station – a Metro stop built right inside the Paris office.

Runner up: Shanghai Interactive Wall – a magnetic wall with 63 moveable tiles.

Runner up: Google FoosWall – a super-sized foosball table with handmade players that spell Google.

Find a Google job and you too can become a Googler.

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