HTTPS Secure Sites Will Rank Higher in Search Results

Google has informed webmasters that they now consider HTTPS secure sites as a ranking signal for Google algorithms. HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and is a protocol for secure data communication over networks. Usually sites engaged in transfer of highly secure information like Banks and money payment sites follow this protocol and is verified by a padlock sign in the browser bar.

HTTPS Secure Sites

Over time many more sites are shifting to the HTTPS protocol for more secure sites and safer data communication over the internet. HTTPS uses 3 layers of security to protect your data –  encryption, data integrity and authentication.

Google has realized that such secure sites are high quality and have introduced HTTPS as a ranking factor. It affects over 1% global search as of now. Google is allowing webmasters to switch to HTTPS over time and will strengthen this ranking algorithm further. Google supports the HTTPS Everywhere campaign and wants all webmasters to switch to the HTTPS protocol for better internet safety.

You can perform the SSL server test to see how secure your site is. This is a demo result.

https check

Buy SSL certificates

This move does not come free and is not as easy as it seems. To get a HTTPS certificate, you need to have your domain name and hosting. On that setup, you need to buy SSL certificates from the a certificate authority and is available from most domain name registrars or hosting providers.

Then you need to install SSL certificates on your site. It is essential you decide which SSL certificate to use – single, multi-domain, or wildcard certificate; and it is always best to use the secure 2048-bit key certificates. So look for a reliable provider before you go SSL certificate shopping.

Your site url will change from HTTP to HTTPS, depending on which areas of your site you applied the secure protocols.  Then you need to 301 redirect all old site urls to the new HTTPS urls. This will be equivalent to a site move, and you might also need to intimate Google webmaster tools of site move to avoid any ranking issues.

We are not on HTTPS. Will you switch your site to HTTPS?


  1. Andrew Hind says:

    So, if you are a hosting company you must be just rubbing your hands with glee. Imagine the revenue from the sale of all of those HTTPS certificates! Come on, is this really going to make any niticable difference to anyone’s serps?

  2. Hunky says:

    Simply cant afford it.. I dont have money to purchase a SSL.. SSL doesn’t come alone and cheap, dedicated IP, VPS and SSL itself !! Too Costly move, cant justify it..

  3. Zubair ismail says:

    looks like google is just making things more and more difficult for newbie bloggers…

  4. Anuj says:

    Good info Chandra, thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes, Anuj

  5. Afzaal says:

    In my point of view, switching your website from http to https totally depends on the nature of your web portal. If you have sensitive data capture or any important information transfer option, then surely its a great practice to use SSL. If a person has a 5 page static website, I don’t think he / she will use SSL for it.

  6. Konstantinos says:

    And what about link building, referral and all the SEO we struggled to achieve? All that are gone when immigrating from a http to a https?

  7. goldankaufgoldwaagee says:

    Thanks to sharing the useful.but i have one question if our website not High security then our website rank effect or not.

  8. Sourav Banerjee says:

    I knew someone would think of a totally new category

  9. Juha Remes says:

    The cheapest SSL Certificates are starting from $10 per year. This is an investment, but if you are selling anything online, then SSL is a good idea. Just for the basic blogging, you’d might think twice.

  10. Neha Sharma says:

    I’m new in Blogging and I’m not using HTTP Secure to rank my Site.
    So my question will i need to remove all the article from my site to avoid Blocking my site or is there any other option to continue…….., Google is just making things more and more difficult for me………….. Please suggest if you have any thing which can help me.

  11. FinleyC says:

    I can see this being a big factor in the future, the trouble is deciding when to make the move. I know there are ways to try and limit any loses during the transition. But there are bound to be some snags moving to https..

    do we wait it out until it really matters?? (for none ecommerce / date transmitting sites) or get in early in the hope of being ahead of the game

  12. adam says:

    As a result of sharing the particular useful. but we have one issue if our own website not necessarily High safety then our own website get ranking effect or perhaps not. nice article. many thanks

  13. Shaliniverma says:

    Excellent information, I was expecting the same update in very beginning of 2014. migrating to The least expensive SSL Certificates are beginning from $10 for per year.

  14. Onix says:

    I’ve just recently started my blog and this seems a bit unfair. I dont have any money to spare.

    • P. Chandra says:

      I guess it will make an impact on much bigger sites looking for higher trust in search engines.

  15. Debarpan says:

    As https means more secure than http so it’s obevious they will rank higher than us,but we http are huge in number actually so no need to worry I believe :D

  16. Rachel says:

    HTTPS is more secure, so if Google is willing to rank then hire, then all the better on keeping online communities safe.

  17. Kailash Chandra says:

    This is really a good news for hosting websites as now people will start buying the HTTPS things which were earlier being ignored most of the times. But I think HTTPS sites will be getting benefit only if they are storing user data. In case of blog that are meant for sharing just the information, content and other white hat SEO techniques are still going to rock. :)

  18. CueSight says:

    We use Yahoo! for our e-commerce website, and I believe they automatically changed our site over to https. They also recently released a badge that shows up on every page letting customers know that we have a secure checkout.

  19. Cadd Centrengp says:

    Hi there, this very nice article which is a great use. Yes, I do agree that HTTPS certificates plays important role in websites and that will even effect Pr…

  20. Luminous Inverter says:

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    from 10+ Years. Enquire Us Now

  21. Vape Juice says:

    Good information on e-commerce and seo! Thanks! Trust is always important

  22. Abdul Azeem says:

    Thanks for your valuable information on https.
    but I have a query: ours’ is a coupon site does it require any https as there is nothing like money transfer and security in our site .
    Will it affect the PR of our site???

  23. subroto says:

    i mean that its really important post for really any https as there is nothing like money transfer and security in our site.
    thank you.

  24. Naveed Hussain says:

    I love to have https on my website I don’t know where i have to buy it.?
    is cloudflare will be better for me ?

  25. shoaib hashmi says:

    looks like google is just making things more and more difficult for newbie bloggers..

  26. Adelaide says:

    Simply cant afford it.. I do not have money to buy a SSL.. SSL doesn’t come alone and economical, dedicated IP, VPS and SSL itself !! Too Pricey move, cant justify it..

  27. amanda says:

    This is actually a great news for hosting websites as now individuals will purchase the HTTPS things that were earlier being overlooked the majority of the occasions. However I think HTTPS sites will be receiving benefit only if they’re storing user data. In situation of blog that aim at discussing only the information, content along with other white-colored hat Search engine optimization techniques continue to be likely to rock. :)

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