How to Embed Angry Birds Game on Websites, Facebook Timeline

Now you can embed Angry Birds game onto any website, blog or even Facebook Timeline easily and allow site visitors to play Angry Birds game online on any web page you wish. Actually I went looking for the embed code, and it is not visible right away if you visit any Angry Birds game site. Either ways this is less fun than playing live Angry Birds on any website.

See how we have embedded Angry Birds game below and it can play right now on this very web page.

Embed Angry Birds Game

How to find Angry Birds embed code to use on your website? First you need to play Angry Birds level that you want to embed on your website. Visit to get started. For example I played this Angry Birds level 5, so now I can embed this level on this very webpage.

After you succeed (or fail) in clearing any Angry Birds level, at the end you will find an alert which allows you to share Angry Birds experience with Facebook friends or embed the level into your blog or website.

embed angry birds

Clicking on embed will give you an embed code as well as an embed URL. Simply paste the embed code to post the iframe in your blog post, or use the URL if you want to embed the game in your Facebook timeline.

embed angry birds level

Limitations: Firstly note that you cannot play embedded game with Angry Birds Power ups like King slings, power quakes etc. Secondly you can only embed a single level at one time, and once your site visitor plays that level he is prompted to visit the Facebook site for playing the full game.

Moreover, the embed code allows you to install an iframe code with width 398px and height 270px. It provides an option to play in full screen, which if clicked will lead the visitor away from your site to the Facebook Angry Birds application. If you manually tried to increase the size of this embedded frame, it simply enlarges the border around the game window, which still stays small enough for the visitor to be interested in visiting the full-screen Facebook website.

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