Embed Free Getty Images to Rock Your Next Article

Now bloggers can embed Getty Images free in their blog posts. Opening a huge photo collection of over 35 million images for  non commercial use, the popular Getty Images is encouraging the large blogger community to dump paid stock images and use the embedded Getty Images alternative instead.

Getty Images Free Use

There is no doubt that the Getty Images collection is truly amazing and you might have spotted it on top media publications. We purchase Fotolia stock images to jazz our blog posts (which costs over $1 per image!), but now this seems a cheaper way to get amazing photos to rock your next article.

Embed Getty Images Free

See this embedded Getty Image example.  Simply click the embed icon (</>) from the Getty Images search results or image detail page.

getty images free

This will give the embed code for you to copy and paste.


And this how the embeded image finally looks like on our website.

This works similar to embedded Youtube videos or Flickr images being used across the web. Note that not all Getty Images are available for embed use.

The embed code image will not be watermarked, but will link back to their website. It will also provide copyright information and allows visitors to browse other works of the photographer, and proceed to buy licensed images if they like them. These embed images are legal and free to use on websites, blogs and social media platforms. Its best to read their terms of use. 

So what is the downside …  these iframe images do not provide the SEO benefit of an uploaded image in the blog post with optimized Alt tags. You cannot make these images as featured images or grab thumbnails. Also they may decide to remove the image at any time, and your blank embed box might not be so nice to look at.


  1. Varun says:

    Every Blogger is writing about this Getty Images topics but one is talking about downside.
    Finally you’ve pointed out the real down side i.e. no SEO benefit. and I totally agree with this.

    • P. Chandra says:

      Also have you ever embedded Flickr images or youtube videos that are removed. They leave a bad empty box.

  2. andy says:

    Now bloggers can hide Getty Images giveaway in their blog posts. Opening a outrageous print collection of over 35 million images for non blurb use, a renouned Getty Images is enlivening a vast blogger village to dump paid batch images and use a embedded Getty Images choice instead.

  3. Boring blogger says:

    As an idea for owners of Flickr , Getty images, Photobucket, etc there should be a fallback image for when it gets deleted. OR, a website plugin could be created or a decent alternative image to show up if it gets deleted. It would, however, take more time to publish each post as you would have to take the time to find a backup.

  4. Audacity says:

    The Downside is kinda heavy for me, but i could give it a try.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. S.Pradeep Kumar says:

    Wonderful work from Getty.

    But unfortunately, this sort of feature will be useful for bloggers who are preparing a list of, say ‘wonderful vacation spots’ or ‘honeymoon destinations’, but it can’t be replaced for normal image upload/share feature.

    Nevertheless thank you Getty for bringing such feature! (y)

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