Got Klout! Get Free Entry to Cathay Pacific First Class Airport Lounge

Do you have Klout? It can get you free entry into Cathay Pacific first-class airport lounges! It’s one of the social perks of being an engaged social media icon. Now many bloggers and site owners can get free entry into this first-class airport lounge for free simply because they have Klout.

Power of Klout

Klout is a social media tool which measures your influence in social media circles by studying your social media profile like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Flickr, and so on. Klout has announced a partnership with Cathay Pacific which allows people with a Klout score of greater than 40 to get free entry into their first class and business class airport lounges at San Francisco for free.

klout qot

This is one of the Klout perks which you get for being an influential person in social media circles. We have been active on Klout for the last few months now, and even we are eligible for this Klout perk, and next time I travel to San Francisco, I can get free entry to the Cathay Pacific first-class airport Lounge in San Francisco. Catch us on Klout.

Of course this is a limited time deal, and if you are a social media influencer passing through the San Francisco airport and plan to catch a flight to another city, do remember to flash your Klout and get free entry into this airport lounge.

This video shows you how amazing is the Cathay Pacific airport lounge.

This is the start and a perfect example of how your social media profile will affect your real-world profile in the future and give you exclusive benefits like never before.

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