Play Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja Live on Any Website [Video]

Now you can play Angry Birds Game or Fruit Ninja game  live on any website right now. These are the most popular games across all mobile platforms and I am sure we are all addicted to these games.

Play Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja Live

angry birdsNow Nokia Argentina has taken these games to an all new level. They created bookmarkets which you can drag to your browser window. Then visit your favorite website and click the bookmarklet, and start playing the game. The twist is that besides the green pigs and fruits, the Angry birds and Fruit blades slice across the website as well giving rise to some amazing scenarios.

They have now removed these from their site but you can see the videos below about how we tried them on our site.

See Angry Birds Live on QOT.

See Fruit Ninja Live on QOT.

Do try these on our website right now or on your website and post a link to the Youtube video in comments for all our readers to enjoy.

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