Now Play Farmville 2 Game Online on Facebook

Now get ready to play Farmville 2 game online, the next generation 3-D Facebook farming game with your Facebook friends. Zynga has launched Farmville in its new avatar with a new game interface and gameplay with a promise to build a 3-D farm with greater interaction with your Facebook friends.

Farmville 2 Facebook Game

Farmville has been one of the most popular Facebook games, and has millions of addicted Facebook fans who can’t start the day without playing Farmville. Zynga expanded to Empire & Allies, Cityville and many other top Facebook games after the amazing success and popularity of Farmville.

Famville 2 farming game

The gameplay is much faster, the 3-D movement of the screen is amazing, and it seems to be much easier and faster to harvest, plant and water vegetables in your new farm. Feeding animals is also a new interactive task, and you can see happy animals which reward you with produce. I  fed chicken and they fluttered around and gave an egg. Then of course you can sell your goods and earn gold coins to add in the bank. Clearing the field to expand the farm, brought in some goats to eat away the grass. And as I made it to the next level in Farmville 2, there were fireworks …

We have been covering Farmville game for many years now in fact we remember how Farmville moved from Facebook to, how Farmville sync errors troubled players, how Farmville farm cash became a rage, and how the growing immense popularity forced Facebook friends to remove Farmville updates from their Facebook walls.

Play Farmville 2 right now with your Facebook friends.  Lets see if Farmville 2 will top of the Facebook games charts. Farmville fans post a comment…

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