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Now Play Farmville 2 Game Online on Facebook

Now get ready to play Farmville 2 game online, the next generation 3-D Facebook farming game with your Facebook friends. Zynga has launched Farmville in its new avatar with a new game interface and gameplay with a promise to build a 3-D farm with greater interaction with your Facebook friends.

Farmville 2 Facebook Game

Farmville has been one of the most popular Facebook games, and has millions of addicted Facebook fans who can’t start the day without playing Farmville. Zynga expanded to Empire & Allies, Cityville and many other top Facebook games after the amazing success and popularity of Farmville.

Famville 2 farming game

The gameplay is much faster, the 3-D movement of the screen is amazing, and it seems to be much easier and faster to harvest, plant and water vegetables in your new farm. Feeding animals is also a new interactive task, and you can see happy animals which reward you with produce. I  fed chicken and they fluttered around and gave an egg. Then of course you can sell your goods and earn gold coins to add in the bank. Clearing the field to expand the farm, brought in some goats to eat away the grass. And as I made it to the next level in Farmville 2, there were fireworks …

We have been covering Farmville game for many years now in fact we remember how Farmville moved from Facebook to, how Farmville sync errors troubled players, how Farmville farm cash became a rage, and how the growing immense popularity forced Facebook friends to remove Farmville updates from their Facebook walls.

Play Farmville 2 right now with your Facebook friends.  Lets see if Farmville 2 will top of the Facebook games charts. Farmville fans post a comment…


  1. MicroSourcing says:

    Farmville 2 has been a much-awaited sequel. New features that make it more interactive, like feeding farm animals, should enable the sequel to sustain the game title’s popularity.

  2. Lisa says:

    Yes that is great and i think the game play is much quicker, the activity of the display is awesome, and it seems to be much easier and quicker to collect, place and water vegetables in your new town. Providing creatures is also a new entertaining process, and you can see satisfied creatures which compensate you with generate. I fed poultry and they fluttered around and provided an egg. Then of course you can offer your products and generate silver coins to add secured. Cleaning the area to flourish the town, introduced in some goat’s to eat away the lawn.

  3. Online Drawing Game says:

    Farmville 2 is a cool facebook game. The graphics are awesome and the silver coins security I like it as well.
    It can be improved, of course, but until here it is fain :)

  4. helen sawyer says:

    gtranted I like the game. BUT how do you click on your fellow players when they want to help you and get them to stay clicked to help. Every time i click on a helper to “HELP ME” they become unclicked and I cannot get their help! Please can i get yours. Thankyou. Also having to pop water all of the time come on this is so irrattiating where is the fun in that. You try give it a try and tell us; K No fun ver irratattting. Besides this so far game is fun.

  5. shenice says:

    i like this game it is fun

  6. naruto says:

    this is the game i always want to play in 3d this is cool

  7. samantha says:

    This game is awsome but it freezes all the time and slows my computer down so much its insane. Its becoming more of a drag than anything. I wish they could put it somewhere else besides facebook. It is a great game but muchas well as space to grow its needed. many times it steals the products and coins as well as my bucks that i pay for. so, i think i’m about to give up with it since I have done everything from updating flash to changing settings to improve my computer and still eats up my cpu.

  8. sheral schnebly says:

    I am tired of this game taking hours to play . I have all the adobes you need to play . Everything works just fine . I love the game but am very frusted . What do I do to fix this issue .

  9. Jana says:

    Have you tried increasing your RAM to over 1GB and Hard drive to more than 40? I did and it’s made a big difference.Still have issues with shockwave crashes at times but nothing like before. But now there’s a new issue.Wait for it…it loads UPSIDE DOWN for a second!!! Ever heard that one before? I haven’t gone to live support chat on that one yet! Those guys are great! We were on a first name basis for awhile!If they can’t really “fix” something they will usually hook you up with water etc. when they know it is a legit complaint.Love that feature!!! Keep on plugging away if you can stand it.Alot of it is trial and error. Yours,theirs,and the computers.Good luck and keep taking deep breaths,and go to live support chat. They will make you feel better somehow!They do me!Bye noe.

  10. Emma says:

    I cant get into Farmville2 keeps telling shock wave unplug what does this mean

  11. dianne says:

    i have problems with farmville 2 alot it freezes alot and the plug in always stalls i cant play the game properly i see other people run their game fast but i cant can you tell me if i have to upgrade my hard drive so i can stop this freezing all the time thanks

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