Now Play Farmville Facebook Game on

Farmville fans can now enjoy the addictive farming game on and bypass the Famville Facebook App which they have been using so long. You still require to connect to Facebook for login, so that you can retrieve your saved game and level, but the interface is much better.

Play Farmville  on

I have been addicted to playing Farmville ever since I started playing it a month back. Now I login at and I get a less cluttered and more Facebook-Ad free screen to enjoy. There are sidebar updates from the Farmville blog and a better message alert too. Since Zynga, the owner controls the page, they can tweak it whichever way they want and also enable new ways to login without Facebook later!

Zynga claims to be the largest developer of social games with more than 100 million unique users playing its games every month, making it the largest online game destination. Zynga’s popular game FarmVille is the largest social game with over 65 million virtual farmers, 26 million of which play the game every day. Now go ahead and enjoy Farmville on a new url!

Update: Now again redirects to the app, though you can still play it online on your desktop screen.

Update: Here are some possible ways to fix Farmville Out of Sync errors as many of you have reported.

156 comments on “Now Play Farmville Facebook Game on

  1. sandra says:

    no matter how i log on my farm wont load

    • linda sis says:

      i can’t get to the gave either, tried many times i need some one to tell me how.

    • Carol Maddox says:

      I am having the same problem on both FV and It’s like it’s froze up. Will stop the download about 1/3 of the way. It is so frustrating. My mom can pull up my farm but I can’t. What is up?

    • patricia says:

      im havin the same problem cannot get on it .

    • Car Games says:

      Farmville is still in beta version

  2. Car games says:

    I think Farmville is a nice game. Thanks for the links.

  3. rehester says:

    my picture won’t show.I have sound .I’m on level 30 and cannot pull my game up.What do I NEED TO DO.I log in on facebook to gain access but it won’t pull up.

    • Barbara says:

      I have the exact same problem on farmville. my picture is green, but the rest of the farm doesn’t come up. I am on level 23 and getting very frustrated!
      If someone gave you an answer and it helped you, can you please tell me what to do. thank you.

  4. Anita says:

    I’m on level 24 and my picture is blank not even the .com way wants to work. PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO CORRECT THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. pat burns says:

    i can not get onto farmville,have a big farm there

  6. maria says:

    i can;t play farmville 7 days !!!!solve the problem !!!

  7. lydia ceballos says:

    i am a Farmville user/player in facebook several months but later i am trying to open my farmville i cant open it till now..why?please try to check and reply my request …thanks a lot .God Bless you All..

  8. ankica says:

    open my farmville icant open.

    • gloria houstongs says:

      i really enjoyed farmville,now since my daughter died its no longer available to me.why?

  9. veron says:

    why all of a sudden can we not play farmville? can hear sound but nothing loads, this is with all 4 faMILY MEMBERS SO NOT HAPPY.

  10. mary moore says:

    cannot get into farmville through face book . that is the only way i can do it . i would greatly appreciate you getting it fixed

  11. QuickOnlineTips says:

    They buy these exotic stuff with Farmville cash, paid via credit card :-)

    • magarida says:

      why yours like farmville is just a game no more than that is not in is gam lolololol game i dont know if is good play games is a bite horrible

  12. gemma says:

    please open my farmville…i need to harvested it..please..

  13. manas says:

    i cant play farmville on face book.. i dont know wats the problem.. and you can see many are having the same query.. please resolve.. RIP to my crops on my farm…

  14. ika says:

    I am a Farmville player in facebook level 37. Since Dec 24 until now i cant open it. i always getting message ” your game state is out of sync with the server. please refresh the page to continue.” Please check it and I would greatly appreciate you getting it fixed.

  15. tricia says:


    When I go onto i unable 2 get the live feed…Do u know why??

  16. Tina says:

    please open my farmville…i need to harvested it

  17. elie naser says:

    pls help me to open my farmville… it’s ” out of sync ” with the server… but no code .. pls … thk u .

  18. Skippybear says:

    Since 2pm Australian Eastern Time Christmas Day I can’t access FarmVille because of the “out of sync” error message. Is this because I have too many neighbors, more than 1 chicken coop or too many items on my Farm? I have asked neighbors to delete themselves, but it hasn’t unlocked the game. A friend says my crops are still fine after 8 days, so withering must have been stopped. This problem seems fairly widespread!

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      I get out of sync errors when I open multiple tabs with Farmville. When I open only one tab, this error does not occur.

    • maryanna shindle says:

      For the last 4 days cannot get into farmville. loads half way and stops. what’s up. really like this game and now nothing. when are you going to fix this thing

  19. pookiepoo says:

    how do i play farmville with out it on facebook?

  20. kelly boggess says:


    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      I didnt know you could stack hay also!

    • natasha says:

      the stacking of anything is just an illusion, stagger the hay stacks dont line them up one behind the other

    • kbug says:

      u cannot stack hay bc it is only a 2 dimmensional game. it is just an illusion. trust be i have it on mine n ppl r always confused

  21. hristina says:

    game state out of sync with the server i cant open it please help

  22. krista says:

    I no longer receive live feed on facebook or!!! Why??? This has been going on for over a month I am getting quite frustrated with this Please Fix The Problem!!! Thank You

    • Anita says:

      Are you at level 40 or more? my live feed stopped at level 40 but, others tell me theirs hasn’t stopped…just wondering why it stops for some and not others

      • debbie wray says:

        i get no live news feed on the farmville anything

        • Tiffani says:

          I no longer get the “live feed” on either? Only the most recent “one” shows up, nothing else – anyone know why or how to fix?

  23. jenn says:

    You can get more than one chicken coop and that’s by getting mystery eggs that your friends have posted. I got have received a ton of “exotic” animals from the mystery egg and mystery gifts.

  24. sarah says:

    I get an out of sync error when ever i play farmville on facebook and my farm wont load i’ve tried everything , i checked the settings i tried milllion times to refresh the page ,but still i’m unable to load my farm plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz any helpppppppppppppp :(((

  25. Ria says:

    Why just when you moove up on Farmville then you can not play did some one block us or what everybody else can sign in but not me?????????

  26. NINA says:

    no matter how i log on my farm wont load

  27. ann cottam says:

    Can’t log on to farmville no matter how much I try please get it going soon all the rest of my family can get on but not me

  28. ann cottam says:

    Can’t log in to farmville rest of the family can log in to theirs but not me

  29. Tina Penfold says:

    cant log in to farmville well annoyed as love my farm and need my fix let me on farmville please get it sorted out asap

  30. Ana says:

    My friends are playing Farmville but I can’t …. will like to know why?

  31. N Starr says:

    Can I play it on my kindle 2

  32. Joan McElroy says:

    Looking for more neighbors on Farmville.Come join me in the fun of playing.

  33. Betty torrence says:

    i have tried to get on farmville every day for two weeks

  34. sherry says:

    i am not getting gifts that are given to me or the stuff like flowers and adopt a calf etc. in my gift box

  35. Debra Yarber says:

    I can’t load Farmville.I know lots of people are having the same problem.Please fix this problem or take this game off the internet & quit wasting our time. Also the Barn raising was a sham for a lot of people. More than 10 people tried to help. They got a message saying they had already helped 2 days in a row.I NEVER GOT THAT BARN RAISED. Thanks, Debra Yarber

  36. hempstar says:

    try to downlowd mozila fire fox,, and try to download adobe flashplayer, think might work. i encounter that problem loding my farmvile

  37. rachel says:

    i want to know why i can see everything else on my farm apart rom my crops its been 2 days now so i have lost a field of coffee anyone else having the same proble or know whats going on im not happy x

  38. Carlos Rivera says:

    I tried playing farmville in a diffrent computer at first all my crops where withered and when I played in my main computer all my crops appear withered everyday and my farm was beautiful but now it is a mess please help!!!!

  39. Cindy says:

    I have been trying for two days to get farmville to load have done everything from clearing cache to defragging and downloading latest version of adobe flash I dont know what else to try

  40. LINDA says:

    I too have had trouble for 3 days now “out of sync” message constantly – i get on but only for a 20-30 sec. very frustrating – what is the problem. can you help me please i have put alot of time into my farm. all the other zynga games work fine. and i have a brand new computer. HELP!

  41. Ivie says:

    I try to play farmville via but it will not load or connect to my facebook any suggestions on what to do to make this app work please and thanks

  42. Linda S. Faulkner says:

    I want to thank ZYNGA for all they do and have done for us. I also want to tell you how sorry I am that hackers have caused such a problem. My 8 year old computer and I have fun and are daily challenged with turning on and off to play BUT it’s woth it and I only hope and pray she will be able to keep up with your advances. Again – thank you for all that you have given me and the public.
    Linda S. Faulkner
    Mammawsue – OKLAHOMA

  43. Mayela Mora says:

    Icant play my farmville…it loads up very very slow..i have to wait for 15 load up then i play and it says “refreshing youre game please do not turn off youre browser” then i wait another 15 min more. And keeps going on and on .But it workd fine at my brothers house when i take my laptop on the wi-fi..Whats going on? Please help Im addicted to Farmville..I tried eberything and no luck…..Thanks..

  44. marilyn marcell says:

    can not play farmville on dialup
    can play on highspeed at work

  45. Nancy white says:

    game state out of sync with the server i cant open it please help………………game state out of sync with the server i cant open it please help…game state out of sync with the server i cant open it please help……….

  46. Peggy Nichols says:

    I can not keep farmville on long enough to do anything. It keeps blocking up on me. I have been looking for ways to delete it enrirely but have not been able to.

  47. Mary Peck says:

    Had problems all week now it keeps telling me game state out of sync refresh the page, can’t get any gifts, can’t help anyone els you guys need to get this fixed.

  48. Pat Bitter says:

    Been trying for three days to get on farm by facebook and can’t do it. get half a picture and other half just black. lost a whole farm full of pumpkins i know and my barn seems to be missing too as well as the shed and all the things that were in them. Getting very tired of all this if i wanted to work so hard, i’d get a job. please fix it soon. last week had nothing but probs and that got fixed but now this…

  49. llo says:

    I haven’t been able to load farmville for two days from my home computer. But at work, (during lunch) I logged on and there was no problem. WhooWheee just in time to save my crops.


  50. Jackie Daisy says:

    I can not get on at home but all 3 of my kids can!

  51. Lorraine says:

    It really depends, I think, on how many “friends” you have. I have a “friend” who has a list of over 800 so he will naturally have a much better chance than I will to go through each level. I only have 14 on my list and of those 14 there are 6 who are above level 26. A couple are into level 39 and 43. So you see, it all depends on how many friends and how much time you devote to improving your farm. I have only been into this game for about 2 weeks, some have been in it since it’s inception.

  52. vera chavez says:

    I cant play farmville for 2days,my loading always stopped ranges for 95% and still waiting to complete the loading…but i played and tried to harvest in other PC it works. How can i get in the farmville…pls help!

  53. Bob says:

    I have been on here for a long time and I can not get farmville to come up at all I went through facebook first and your note said to go through and we should have a better experience well NOT HAPPENING. Please fix the problum.

    • William Billotte says:

      Go to Adobe and update your Flash Player than go to Java and update-all Free services

  54. gloria thomas says:

    whenever someone finds out what to do with loading this game please share with me also. I have reloaded flash player, downloaded mozilla foxfire, and cleared cache, among a lot of other things, my game will not load. If it loads my character is white, crops died, or wont load. It has been over 2 weeks now I am still on a level due to not being able to get farm loaded and gain points. This game is also taking gifts from me, It really needs repairing.

  55. Joan Waly says:

    How do you re-post on Facebook, when you are asking friends to help build a barn or stable, after the original note has been posted?

  56. aisha aleem says:

    i am a Farmville user/player in facebook several months but later i am trying to open my farmville i cant open it till now.i don’t why farm ville could not display on my profile.i want to play my game…..:(((?please try to check as soon as posible and reply my request …thanks a lot .

  57. mert says:

    Please help my friends has been disabled for Farmville

  58. Viv Dollin says:

    i have not been able to load my farm for 3 days, ive tried loads ways, please get sorted hardly a week goes by without some problem. enuff

  59. erika reolalas says:

    i cannot harvest my white roses…its been 3 days since my game state is out of sync with the server…please refresh…i’ve refreshed it a lot of times but it still goes back to game state is out of sync thing…

  60. lorraine Kapp says:

    Hi, please tell me why I cannot load my farm. It’s been 8 days and I am so frustrated. I think it’s to do with all the gifts we can send to neighbours. This also happened at xmas time, now its valentine and the same thing is happening. Please sort it out for all of us.

  61. dhruvi says:

    who do u play and how do u get it on the facebook plz help


  62. vihoang says:

    Please help …i cant go to farmville out off sync for 4days, all my crops dying .how do i get back farmville page? please try to check as soon as posible and reply my request …thanks you

  63. salvador suarez says:

    I’ve been woried but there’s no way I can connect through farm ville and it’s been 2 days: what’s going on please correct the matter. Thanks

  64. Laverne says:

    I cant get FV up. It has simply vanished, want do I do to get it back?

  65. Caroline Gilbert says:

    I can’t get into Farmville either – past few days. Tried and Facebook but it just won’t load. It’s the same with Fishville, just won’t load. Location Canberra, Australia. I think it’s Zynga that needs to upgrade it’s servers, or the necessity to link to Facebook. Either way if it’s not fixed soon there will be a mass exodus from playing Zynga games.

    Bitterly disappointed as I have spent cash on Fishville, and a little on Farmville

  66. Ana says:

    I can’t open my Farmville for 3 weeks already. stop the download about half of the way. Please help to open it…

  67. maddison says:

    it a wicked game



  69. nat says:

    omg i love this

  70. liz says:

    I would like to know how some farms have hills and alot of stuff
    we can not get

  71. koneru says:

    i like this game very much

  72. David Lamb says:

    The game Farmville is so messed up it will not post anything that I find or let me vist my friends farm with out frezzing up and kicking me off. I have reported this many times befor and no body will fix the problem! I have alot friends that play and it and it is my main game that I play. So could you have somebody to fix the problem PLEASE!!

  73. Patty says:

    My neighbors can get onto my farm but I can’t access theirs although it shows a neighbor with a level that’s it, no name or anything. They are helping me because they can access my farm. It’s enough to drive you crazy…..any suggestions?

  74. May Miller says:

    had to go thru

    • May Miller says:

      couldnt get to farmville thru facebook

      • lynne brummitt says:

        I am finding it difficult to get onto some of my neighbours farms, also i think my mastery programme is not working because I have none. Been playing for months now and i am addicted good game. thanks and look forward to your suggestions to help out

  75. cely fabian says:

    hi im cely fabian my farmville was not in my application anymore can you help me to return it back please or teach me how to do it i hope you can help me

    • Siretha Huffstutlar says:

      Can you please tell me why I can’t get on my farm or any of my neighbors farm and all my neighbors pictures have disappeared from my contacts.
      Everything works fine on my computer except Farmville.
      I can get on the home page and profile page. everything seems like it hangs up when it starts trying to load my farm. Please help

  76. Catherine says:

    My sister cannot access any of the Thank You gifts I sent her using your return a gift when sent one type of application. She gets them’ just cannot open them. Also we never could find out how to contact you until I just happened to stumble across this on my Blackberry.

  77. farmville tips says:

    cool guide man i’m farmville fan.

  78. Farmville says:

    Love this game so addictive.

  79. Gabrielle says:

    I really want to play this game but I don’t have a face book account…
    And I am not old enough for face book what do I do?
    I also am not allowed to make a profile and my mom and dad will find out anyway…
    What do I do?

  80. nat says:

    how do you exspect people to log on when you click on the button all you get is more advertizement no game this is not cool at all.

  81. jeanwhiteheas says:

    all at once i can not get to my farm on facebook or get any gifts i have a nice size farm and have been working on it so would u please let me know what the heck is going on

  82. jeanwhiteheas says:

    it is not april 10 2:26 it is april 9 at 4:00 pm

  83. j spooner says:

    wish they would quit messing around with farmville. I just lost about 10 gifts, and now the message box has changed and won’t load for me.

  84. debra Shea says:

    Every single time I get into Farmville it shuts down my computer, powers it off! Does anyone know why??? No other application cause a power off on my computer.

  85. curt says:

    i cant see the application of farmville on the homepage pls help mei cant play my farm will be withered

  86. Barbara says:

    Please help! my farmville loads, but when it comes up, it is all green with a few trees and the little person is white. the rest of my farm, plots, trees, animals, etc. does not come up. my farm has withered, i worked very hard to keep it up. I can’t get into the market, or the gift box. when i accept a gift from someone, half of the time, i don’t even get it. I lose alot of them. I just invested $14 to just answer to have them help me and that was very STUPID on my part. they took my money instantly and haven’t done a thing, not even contacted me to let me know what they did or tried. so please help me with this issue.
    thank you,

  87. eddie says:

    i would like to be put back on farmville

  88. Barbara says:

    so what is the answer???? why can’t all of us get onto FV?
    what is the PROBLEM!! can we get some kind of answer…instead of all these posts…this doens’t really help us, we need an answer as what to do!

  89. beverly says:

    cant load my farmville game,,plz help me!dont know what happened!

  90. Royce TURNER says:

    i can’t access my game it said to wait while it did something to my game now i can’t get it to come up at all

  91. Jamie Angi says:

    I have not been able to play my farmville 4 weeks help me please!!!!!!!

  92. ann says:

    haven’t been able to get on farmvilkle site

  93. belenflores01 says:

    pls help me how many days i cant play my farmville ,i cant open …pls tell me wht im gonna do?

  94. dudley doo says:

    haven’t been able to get on my farm for nearly two weeks! wht can i do!!!!!

  95. rowena says:

    many times i want to open my farmville….it doesnt open…i use to think why?

  96. larry r rogers says:

    I am at home on leave and my mom also has farmville where do I go to sign in so that I can farm my farm on her computer when I go on it wont let me get on my farm it goes right to hers? help please.

  97. road kill says:

    FACE BOOK Got me hooked on farmville. Then let me down. I have the same problems as everyone else. Maybe we should stop playing until something is done about it. Who knows what to do????

  98. ashley czielo says:

    i want to play farm ville.i dont know what to do

  99. nissreen gahnim says:

    I CANT FOUND MY FARM? PLZ reutern my farm

  100. laila says:

    I have an out of sync error and Im in 46 th level plzzzzzzz help

  101. Patricia says:

    I can’t join a co-op,it always tells me they are quitting the co-op,when I start a co-op of my on it always says i’m out of sync.I don’t know what to do,please help!

  102. Sharon Baldwin says:

    I have just had enough of gathering up thing sending gifts and all to loose them.I can;t tell you the times I have bought seeds and had to refresh page andLOST seeds.Or go on to level up and can;t cause nop fertilizer.Now I paid 5000 coins for a dog I can’t get on to feed and what little FV money I have will be lost.SO at this note I want no more.Those games are not free but for people who spend money buying FV cash.It don’t take a fool to figure this ot when certain people who never have problems always are buying FV cash. Ok enough, it is just not a free game. I have had enough!!

  103. winnie says:

    why is it no names come up on my neightbours it always use to every time I went on to their farms

  104. Jenny says:

    cant get any where on my farm , everything sticks, soon going to give it all up

  105. Car Games says:

    Farmville is a good game, but it become slower if you got a lot item display on the farm.

  106. ayesha says:

    hw can i play farmville without using facebook?

  107. brenda gist says:

    my news feed for farmville and farmtown don’t work i don’t get any news feed at all the only feed i get is what i put on it myself please help get the news feed back and i don’t even have the face book welcome sign below my profile

  108. John clark says:

    have facebook an I access farmville on there but now it will not show application for farmville how do I fix this or will you be able to do this for me.

  109. seema says:

    i couldn logon to farmville . Don no wats d reason

  110. laverne tsosie says:

    how do you use your farmville card?

  111. kumkumshaw says:

    my farm ville page is not opening.

  112. fouziasimi says:


  113. Fran says:

    How did I delete farmville from facebook. I was getting gifts when a box came up I thought I cancelled it, but for some reason it deleted it. How can Iget it back on facebook.

  114. linda Stauffer says:

    farmville will not come up for 2 days and I have crops to harvest

  115. Pankaj Kumar says:

    I am not able to play farmville.

  116. secret micky says:

    Unfortunately I can not enter my farm and I’m going mad here! I can send my friends presents – but I can not enter my farm and harvest it/ please fix it and help me

  117. milo scott says:

    have a lot of time in farmville can not get on and have a lot of money earned up and a lot of money of my own to spend i want back on it has been over a week you need to fix this problem

  118. bethgomez says:

    i cant open my farm why is it?can help me pls…..

  119. Julie Minjoe says:

    FarmVille has completely cut off my chance to fertilize neighbor’s farms. I
    keep waiting for them to straighten it out but they haven’t. How do I get
    this ability back?

  120. jolanta kubinska says:

    I can´t play with my farmville 3 day!!!!!help

  121. sade says:

    farmvile is the best !!!!!!!

  122. merle joseph says:

    hi my farmville is out of application. how can i go there to play my farm. i need help pls. thanks and more power!!

  123. Charlotte says:

    I would very much like to have Farmville installed on my IPod. I love this game and play it all the time but it yells me it’s not available on my iPod. Is there some way of getting it made available for the IPod? Thanh you

  124. Venkata Satyavathi Ayyagari says:

    I can’t open my Farmville since 6 months. I am not stopped it, but temperarly i’ve not use it. Now I want to play.I am eagerly awaiting for my account in Farmville. Please help me and open it exactly whats its possition in previuos. Thanking you.

  125. Linda Love says:

    So what’s the script running on Farmville that I keep getting asked if I want to stop running the script or my game will become unresponsive — which it does – every time I’ve tried to play the past 3 days??? Whatever script it is, its only on FarmVille – and no other websites on the internet. Don’t tell me to try Chrome, Foxfire, or whatever because it is definitely a Zynga problem. It started about the time I got two preg pigs in a row.

  126. chelsy pingol says:

    why i can’t open my farmville on my facebook? pls help me.

  127. marie says:

    same here cant get my farmville back and face book is trying to charge everyone to get it back for them !!,,help !!!