Megan Fox, Female Shooters in Call of Duty Ghosts [Video]

If you have viewed the latest Call of Duty Ghosts video, it features Megan Fox as the female shooter in the game. I have been playing the hugely popular Call of Duty games since many years now and have never encountered a female shooter in the game. While other popular games like Gears of War and Halo have female game characters since quite some time – why is Megan Fox features in the promotional Call of Duty trailer?

Megan Fox COD Trailer

megan fox in call of dutySee the Call of Duty Ghosts trailer titled Epic Night Out which features 4 friends out in Post war Vegas and Megan Fox features as a shooter in the video.

So why feature Megan Fox? Its because Call of Duty Ghosts is the first COD game which features female soldiers in the popular shooter game!

An extensive re-engineering of the gaming engine has allowed customization of player characters. Old time players will be surprised  as they can play as a woman in multiplayer mode and hear female voices in war time situations which is totally new to the game.

See the Call of Duty Ghosts trailer

They also released another COD Ghosts trailers which shows woman soldiers.

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