Google / Microsoft Bing COVID Trackers: Live Corona Virus Updates

Google and Microsoft Bing COVID-19 tracker provide live updates of active Coronavirus cases occurring across the world along with the number of fatalities.  This is a unique effort by Microsoft Bing and Google to track COVID-19 patients and map source data from reliable respected sources.

Bing COVID Tracker

The COVID-19 Tracker site gives comprehensive live total data about Coronavirus infection cases and their distribution. The data is arranged by the country in descending order by a total number of viral cases.

bing covid-19 data

The site gives a clear visualization of cases occurring throughout the world and represents them in the form of circles Each circle size being larger as the case number is larger, so as to provide a clear view in one glance as to the extent of epidemic virus spread in this areas.

bing covid tracker

Hovering your mouse over the circle will give you an idea about the number of active COVID cases, the number of recovered COVID-19 cases and the number of fatal Coronavirus cases in that particular country. See an example of virus spread in China below.

covid-19 china cases

Right now it seems to be the most authoritative data as it sources from very authentic sources like from CDC, WHO, ECDC, and Wikipedia as per information provided on the site. 

Google COVID-19 Coronavirus Map

Now Google Coronavirus Map is also online. It seems to source data from WHO and Wikipedia it seems. Instead of color circle size, they have used darker blue color coding for larger numbers. Hovering over the country, will give number of confirmed cases..

google covid-19 map

They are presenting data in a little different format with number of confirmed cases, cases per 1 million people, recovered cases and coronavirus death as well.

google coronavirus statistics

These are the first sites to visit to get accurate pandemic data online and prevent Coronavirus misinformation about case numbers spreading across social media.  

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