Download Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

Download Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office. Google Cloud Connect is the best way to collaborate on Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents with friends and coworkers, allowing you to share, backup, and simultaneously edit these documents all the while syncing to the Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Connect is a free plugin that improves Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 on Windows PCs and adds simultaneous collaboration, revision history, cloud sync, unique URLs and simple sharing to the Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications. If you have not been able to convince your friends to use Google Docs for editing and sharing your documents online, this will help your Microsoft Office fans to use the benefits of cloud applications.

Google Cloud Connect will work with Windows XP with .NET Framework 2.0, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. Requires Microsoft Office 2003, Office 2007, or Office 2010. See this video on how it works.

Download Google Cloud Connect and experience the new way to collaborate online using Microsoft Office.

Business organizations can also take advantage of the 90-Day Appsperience program, wherein everyone in your organization can access Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Cloud Connect and more for 90 days, with support from Google experts.

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