Use Alternate Ads to Monetize Non Paying Adsense PSA Ads

Many times Google Adsense units show public service ads when there are no relevant ads to show. Chitika Eminimalls show ad units all the time, but they pay per click only in selected countries. Why not make extra money by showing paying ads instead.

Google Adsense lets you specify which alternate Adsense url to show instead of Public Service ads. Similarly Chitika Eminimalls has an option to let you specify alternate Chitika ads. You can fill these alternate ads with any other affiliate program and make commission out of referred clicks and increase affiliate sales. You just need to create a simple webpage with the ad unit only. Remember to keep the ad unit size same as the ad unit to replace.

There are several professional alternate ad advertising programs which specialize in providing replacement alternate ads in place of Google Adsense Public Service Ads or PSA’s.

  • Alternate Url key features are that it provides a 50/50 Revenue Share, full global coverage monthly payments automatic referral income, family safe ads, paypal supported and gives detailed stats.
  • AlterNut Ad is another such service which pays you a flat rate every month in return for you displaying thier ad rather than the PSA. Though you require an invitation to join, and I do not see any link for getting that.
  • Default Ads – lets you load your affiliate or other ads into DefaultAds and generate a link to include in your Google Adsense alternate ad URL. They show their own ads 1 out of every 100 impressions for this service.

Of course you could always select Collapsing ads units to hide any non paying advertisements in Google Adsense, but you need your own web hosting for that. Or you could show red cross donation ads for a free for a good cause. So earn extra income by replacing unpaid PSA / Chitika ads. if you know of any more such services, let me know in comments and I will add them here.

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