Moved From Blogger to WordPress

Well I have finally attempted the much awaited move from Bloggers Blogspot to WordPress and you can check out the new site at I know I was planning to republish to my custom domain name via the Blogger FTP service. But it meant a loss of control over the blogspot address.

It needed I keep on republishing back and forth between the blogspot and domain hosted address if I needed to keep editing both. Taking a up a new account with the same blogspot address would have deleted the earlier urls with lots of 404 pages and loss of traffic.

If you are reading this post in a newsreader, you have my default feedburner feed and the transition for you is seamless and you might have not even noted any change. The new wordpress feed will now source the feedburner feed instead of the blogger atom feed.

Please bear with me while I am still busy fixing posts, links and template. Please bear the transition phase and crosslinks between the two blogs. All will be well and running soon.

Blogger support failed to provide a search engine friendly 310 redirect, so gradualy once the search engines take over the site, the older blog will be phased out. I will keep you in touch about what new stuff I am learning about WordPress!

Update: I like WordPress. Read my initial reactions.

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