Google Adsense Code with google_kw and google_kw_type

I was trying out another Blaugh today and visited their site to find lots of money making and get rich kind of Google Adsense ads displayed on their site. Since the humor site was lacking any keyword rich text about money making online, I decide to peek into the source code and was surprised to find new tags in the Google Adsense code like google_kw and google_kw_type.

The Blaugh site adsense code had these additional tags.
google_kw_type = "broad";
google_kw = "The Hardest Way to Make Money Online";

google_kw seems to indicate Google keywords, suggest high paying keywords here. google_kw_type set at Broad seems to imply a broad range of keywords may be targeted

While scouting around some forums, I found that Adsense Premium publishers are provided this special Adsense code to target their contextual ads better and make more money online. I thought cool customized ads (which you see on sites like Digg) was a privilege of Premium publishers, but this is a major advantage as you can choose high paying keywords and get targeted ads for them (whatever your content may be about).

If your site receives more than 5 million search queries or 20 million content page views a month, you may qualify for AdSense premium service too!


  1. Pallab De says:

    I dont like this. This opens up adwords to abuse. However, Google probably has appropriate checks in place. They are generally very careful in ensuring that advertisers don get cheated.

  2. Master says:

    I hope I can be a premium member?

  3. models says:

    today, march 7, 2009 i visit the technorati site to check my links etc, and check to see the source code of the page and i found that this code i found in that pages, i submit this to forums but no one reply to my questions that why and how this code was added.
    and on this article i got the answer.

    thanks for good writting.

  4. Prakash says:

    Thanks for this nice share, I liked it, normal adsense account holder can use this feature?

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