New Mastercard Credit Card with LCD Screen, Touch Keypad

Mastercard has launched their next generation interactive credit card with LCD screen and touch keypad. Mastercard has launched the credit card in collaboration with   Standard Chartered Bank Singapore and claims to be Singapore’s first interactive payment card, or security token card, that features the next generation  MasterCard’s Display Card technology.

Mastercard Display Card

new mastercard with keypad

How many times have you been asked for the One Time Password (OTP) when using online banking and online payment portals? Usually an OTP is the six digit security code sent to your mobile phone by your bank or credit card company,which you can type online to confirm and process your online payment.

The new interactive Mastercard DisplayCards allows users to generate and display the One Time Password in the LCD display instantly. Thus, the token generated by these “Authentication Cards” can be used to authenticate online transactions securely. They claim that in future the card could display more information like credit balance, reward points etc.

The MasterCard Display Card is manufactured by NagraID Security and functions like a normal credit, debit or ATM card in every other way.

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