Speak to Type: The Best Way to Blog

I did not type a single word in this blog post! Using speech-to-text software is the new way to blog. Speak to type. I have been blogging by this new way for the last two days. I recently purchased the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home speech-to-text software, which shipped all the way from the US, and have been amazed by how easy it has made my blogging.

Speech-to-Text Software

I could never write really long posts because typing seemed so boring. But now, I can keep on speaking my thoughts and Dragon NaturallySpeaking keeps converting my speech to text, and I can type hundreds of words in minutes without even having to raise a finger on the keyboard.

Dragon NaturallySpeakingIt is surprising that most people I know who write so much- like journalists, bloggers, and writers- do not really use speech-to-text software for their daily writing. I tried speech typing software a few years back, and then it was really tedious accuracy was very poor, and the computer software consumed so much RAM that it slowed the computer. Moreover,  I would be busy correcting errors all the time.

But it seems times have changed, and this software has become so accurate that after training for a few minutes and selecting my accent options, the software was able to have a very high degree of typing accuracy. I could gradually train the software, and it learned my common words, vocabulary, and my style of language usage. A speech-to-text software makes writing and blogging so easy, that you can write with ease, and not really bother if you know typing or not. Try it for yourself.

Dragon software options

I researched forums and blogs about the best dictation software out there, and it seems that Dragon NaturallySpeaking software was the most popular. After using it, and reviewing its typing accuracy – I highly recommend the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, as it has made my blogging endeavors much easier, and you can expect me to write pretty long posts now.

Don’t you think this post is longer than most posts we write? That should help us to hopefully add lots of new verbose content to our site over the next few months and will surely make Google very happy, and get our content better indexed across different search engines.

BTW this entire post is written error-free without typing a single word on the keyboard, entirely by Dragon NaturallySpeaking!

Now I have started doing this on Google Docs and leverage the power of Google AI, but Dragon speech still provides much less errors than Google Docs which simultaneously corrects but does not learn as fast as Dragon which custom learns the language and your most commonly used words. But now AI bots like ChatGPT is changing a lot of the way we get content for blogging.

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About the Author: P Chandra is editor of QOT, one of India's earliest tech bloggers since 2004. A tech enthusiast with expertise in coding, WordPress, web tools, SEO and DIY hacks.