Breather Offers Neat Private Spaces to Meet, Blog, Rest

Today I requested an invite to Breather, which offers beautiful private spaces to meet work and rest. In our busy lifestyles we often need a home away from home, or an urgent need for a meeting place, or sudden urge to rest in the neighbourhood – Breather promises to offer this comfort to their users for a reasonable fee.

How would you like to rest or work here?

breather rooms

The whole concept is accessed by the mobile phone apps. It helps you find the nearest Breather Private space, helps you get a booking, and you even get access to unlock the door by your mobile phone only. They charge based on the time you spend in the private place, and you can book from 30 min to the entire day, and the rates are expected to be $20 per hour.

They promise good upkeep by trained staff. Breather spaces are provided with a desk, fast Wi-Fi, restful couch and enough space to yoga or take a nap. The concept revolves around the fact that these places would be beautiful and restful and users would look forward to enjoying these private services in different parts of the city. And there would be one near the place you need.

So how do you open the lock? See how the Lockitron works!

Right now they are planning to roll out Breather spaces in major American cities soon. They raised $1.5 million funding and will be seen soon around New York City. Interested users can request an invite right now.

I really like this concept and I’m sure it is going to get very popular among business people looking for sites for business meetings, or just to chill out. I am sure bloggers will find their quiet time here to write distraction-free long posts. [NB – No financial interest].


  1. Piyush says:

    Hi everyone,

    that is true I must admit. If you will write a book you will become an expert.
    And we don’t have to do it by ourselves we can outsource it.

    I myself just wrote a short pdf book but I’m selling it on kindle but if I want to become more successful I need real book and I think I will go for amazon as you’ve suggested John.

    Thank you and I wish you all luck.

  2. Raihan says:

    effective and essential post for me. this post contains a lot of things. thanks for share it.

  3. Leslie Beasley says:

    He says that the idea came about because he has trouble hearing conversations in noisy public spaces and wanted somewhere quiet and private to work while on the go. One day he sketched the idea for Breather out on a napkin (yes, really) and got to work.

  4. Cary Mendoza says:

    Breather is starting in New York City and will begin a “slow national rollout.” Smith is committed to maintaining high-quality spaces that are quiet, private, clean, safe, and accessible at any time. This model won’t be easy to scale, as it requires a significant amount of manpower, maintenance, and physical urban space (which is expensive). Are enough people desperate for respite that they will use Breather? We shall see.

  5. Shruti says:

    its look really cool and what we can say about keyless lock i would be useing my iphone to unlock all lock.


  6. Chapter Highbury says:

    This post is very informative, but $20/hour is very expensive. What about if I want Neat private room on weekly basis. Is there any discount if I own room on weekly basis from Breather.

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