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Force Highest CTR AdSense Unit to Load First

Does your first AdSense unit have the highest CTR? Which is the first AdSense unit loading in your HTML code? Always remember that the highest paying ads load with the first AdSense loading on the page. Which basically means, if you’re host multiple AdSense ads and the large AdSense banner on top of your site has low CTR – you are losing out on a lot of money.

First AdSense Ad

Use custom channels – to track the ad units which have the highest CTR. If you don’t use custom channels, then start using them right away. Ensure that the highest CTR unit is also the first loading AdSense unit. This is important because the first AdSense unit contains the highest paying ads. So if you have the first AdSense unit which has low CTR, then the highest paying ads are not being clicked as much as they should be.

Select which ad unit comes first – Let’s say, that you have a large leaderboard banner on top with a low CTR; and you have a medium rectangle unit in the middle of your post which has a higher CTR and eCPM. Now the highest paying ads are in the large banner on top, but they have a low CTR. So in this situation, you should ensure that the medium rectangle is the first loading AdSense unit, and not the large leaderboard banner on top. If you make the medium AdSense rectangle the first loading unit- it will have the highest CTR and will also have the highest paying AdSense ads. Try to reposition the other ad units so that it loads after your first high CTR AdSense ads unit.

Use CSS to change first AdSense unit – You can adjust the code in such a way that the highest paying AdSense unit loads first in the HTML code, and it can be manipulated by smart use of CSS. For example see the ad placement below:

ad placement

There are two AdSense units, one on the left sidebar and one on the top of main content. Normally, the main content will load first, followed by the sidebars. Let’s say the left sidebar AdSense unit has a higher CTR and eCPM- then paste the code of the left sidebar first in the HTML, and float it to the left side.  This ensures that the left sidebar loads first, followed by the main content advertisement – so the left sidebar ads with the highest CTR now becomes the first AdSense unit with the highest paying ads. You can also use this placement vice versa if the main content ads click better. This is very important and will ensure that your AdSense earnings substantially increase for sure.

Try it and I’m sure your AdSense earnings. Do remember to share your experience with this tip.


  1. AjayKumar says:

    Thanks for such a great post. Now i can apply it to my ad units to increase the earnings which are quite poor,

  2. Raj says:

    could you help me with the code which helps me in achieving the similar functionality.. to admit frankly I am not a super genius when it comes to coding..

  3. Shekhar says:

    Great article. One question…if we have two ads in the content area then how should the strategy be?

  4. David says:

    It’s very good & useful info. I didn’t know that the first loading ad pays the most. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Stylesmania says:

    very useful blog its very informatics site thanks admin i like it

  6. Simon says:


    Great post, it really makes sense to me. I’d love to implement this, but honestly, with my limited CSS knowledge, I don’t have idea how…

    My highest paying ad is 336 below the post, but 728 is loading first in the code.

    Can you maybeprovide a more detailed example how to move these ads around?

    I’d really appreciate it.

    Thanks for the great blog!

    Best regards,

    • P. Chandra says:

      You cannot fix that with CSS, becasue your 729px ad is loading on top of page and 336px ad after article in a single column.

      • Simon says:

        Thank you for your fast reply.

        I will try to change the design then, or maybe use CPA offer instead of that 728 adsense? Will seee.

        Or do I have any other alternative work-around solution? I’ve heard that some people are using frames – but as far as I know it’s against adsense TOS.

        Any cues?

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