How to Block Adult Content in Amazon Prime Video

How can you block adult content in Amazon Prime videos? As content gets more vulgar and enticing to attract more video views, it becomes important to block adult content if your children and young teens regularly watch unregulated content, without Parental Control filters.

Amazon Prime Video also pushes content in various categories depending on the viewer’s maturity profile. By default adult content is activated for all viewers. so basically it is dependent upon you to browse into your Amazon Prime video settings and change the maturity settings and Parental Control settings manually if you decide to block adult content. This is similar to blocking Netflix or blocking Youtube.

Block adult content on Amazon Prime Video

Log in to your Amazon Prime Video account. Typically it will be the same Amazon Username and Password, and it is assuming you have to subscribe to the Amazon Prime Membership (which has a host of shopping benefits like free delivery, etc.)

Choose Account & Settings

amazon prime video settings

Then choose the Parental Controls option to access options to restrict content by age

amazon parental controls

Then you get these large number of parental control options. Typically A will be selected. A rating means movies and videos suitable for adult viewing (18 years and above). You can choose to click on a lower category. I like to keep U/A 16+ for my grown-up young adults/children.

block adult content amazon prime

Age Viewing Restriction for Amazon Devices

The best part is these settings apply to all your devices with Amazon Prime Video service. If you prefer to view adult content on selected devices, you can tweak settings on individual devices however you like. So you can have a U/A 13+ rating access to the living room fire TV stick on your big TV, while keeping A rating on your personal Amazon Prime app in your Android phone!

block amazon prime devices

Amazon Prime Video PIN

You can configure who can change the settings by enabling a PIN in the parental control settings.

So when you go to view a ratings-restricted video, it will display ‘Viewing restrictions enabled’.

amazon video pin required

And if you click Play or View Video, It will ask the viewer to enter the Prime Video PIN, and if you keep the Amazon Prime PIN secret, users cannot access the blocked adult content.

blocked amazon prime movies

So do try this tip out and block adult content on your Amazon Prime Subcription today and protect your children from viewing adult movies or adults videos by mistake.

You can also enable Safe Search on Google, or tweak Bing settings and block adult content on your browser as well.

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