Snap Secret Photos with Sneakyshot iPhone App

Did you want to snap secret photos on iPhone of people without them noticing?  SneakyShot is an  iPhone app that will take quick photographs 4 times while you pretend to talk on your iPhone.

Snap Sneaky Secret Photos

Launch Sneakyshot on Iphone and pretend to be talking on the phone. After a countdown, the iPhone automatically shoots 4 photos. Choose the photo you want to upload to or share instantly with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. There is no flash and no photo clicks to give you away.

See this video on how it works.

Priced at $1.99, iPhone users can download SneakyShot app at the Apple iTunes Store. The idea of this post is to make you aware – next time you see your friend suspiciously pretending to talk on thier iPhone, they could be secretly taking photos!

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