Do You Stand Out From The Crowd?

If you are in competition with others in your market and you better believe that you are, then why should anyone take any notice of you above your competition, in other words do you stand out from the crowd?

Well think about it this way. Stand OutYour target audience is a whole bunch of real people, normal folks who have good days, bad days and problems just like you and me and for them to be interested enough in what you have to say for them to visit you, listen to you and read your stuff you had better show them the respect of making it worth their while!

If you don’t stand out from the crowd then you aren’t giving a potential customer enough of a reason to listen to you in the first place and if by chance a few visitors stumble upon your site they won’t stay long.

When you publish your first piece of content onto your site you’ve effectively just gone into business and if you don’t treat it like a business then you’re going to find that you’re on a long road to nowhere.

Think in a business-like way

if you’re hoping for an income, it is so important to start with a business model, have your plan worked out for getting visitors and how that will turn into revenue.

Imagine how you would react if you wanted to purchase a flat screen TV, you walked into your local electrical goods store and there were no staff to help or advise you, there wasn’t any information at all about the TV’s specifications, features and benefits, just one payment method, no customer service desk, oh and it’s freezing cold when you go inside the store.

We can agree that is a bad shopping experience?

Now think about your site and the sense of help, information, value, friendliness and interaction it gives to create a good experience for your visitor. The process, no matter whether it’s an offline store or an online business is still people interacting with people.

Learn about your most successful competition and understand why they are the best in the market and then you can plan to do the same only better.

Show That You Care – Get More Involved!

Talk to your target customers regularly and find out about what concerns they have. Join forums and start networking with your market, build relationships, it will put you on the right track because your customers will tell you. And stay connected.

Spend some time finding out what keywords are used by your market and have a business strategy to go for those terms and really dominate in as many ways as possible. Then you will start to see some action.

Understand that to build a successful business takes time and when you ‘get it’ that your customers will always need help, solutions, great value and a good experience when they visit your site then you will stand out from the crowd!

I wish you well in your online business and look forward to any comments you may want to share…

Guest author Steve Richardson has been in business for over 25 years running small businesses, predominantly in the asset leasing and vehicle leasing markets. He has seen the value of building an online presence and brought his offline business online. Steve has more recently launched an internet marketing business based on breaking down the most successful internet marketers’ strategies into simple to follow methods for those who want to start and are prepared to work at building an online business. You can visit Steve’s blog at Image by Nick Wheeler under CC.

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