Eva Longoria on Maxim Billboard on Google Earth

A giant billboard of Eva Longoria has been constructed near Vegas and can be see via satellite images from Google Earth. The world’s popular men’s magazine Maxim is celebrating its 100th issue in style.

Google Earth is a mapping software that combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world’s geographic information on your computer. You can download the freeware version of Google Earth and explore the earth map easily.

Eva Longoria on Maxim BillboardWho is Eva Longoria? She is the popular actress who acts the role of Gabrielle Solis on the popular drama series Desperate Housewives.

If you have already downloaded Google Earth on your computer, you can directly download the view of the Giant Maxim Magazine Cover. Maxim is popular men’s magazine and has taken this innovative step to celebrate its 100th issue. Amazing!

Update: Now you can see the coordinates on Google Maps, but the resolution is not enough to see the image. If you reduce the map zoom, you can see it beside Road number 15. Now switch to the Satellite or Hybrid mode to see the terrain, but the resolution is still not enough to get a good view on Google maps.

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