500 Google+ Photographers Publish Photography Book

Google+ Social network brought together 500+ Photographers who collaborated to publish “Plus One Collection”, a Photography Book. Google+ served as a strong medium to gather a targeted community with similar interests, and helped them share ideas (and photos) and decide to share their work with the world. A team of 11 photographers chose the final images.

It was interesting to see how easy it was to publish and print books using Blurb, a self book publishing platform, and that too for a few dollars only.  I checked that Blurb allows you to preview first 15 pages of the ebook One Collection” easily as a promotional gesture.

Plus One Book

You can buy the ebook for $5 only and get softcover for $65 and hardcover for $75. Moreover, they decided to donate all the book sale funds to Kiva, a non profit organization which helps people across the world with microloans by people like you and me, with as little as $25!

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