Why Your Google Search Traffic is Dropping (Its Not Panda)

Is your Google search traffic dropping every month, don’t blame Google Panda for it everytime. The Google search result pages are changing and the top 10 search results are not what they used to be a year ago.

Google is incorporating signals that make these pages more useful to the users, especially social signals and now is more often  interspersed with videos, news, images and a lot more stuff. So don’t be surprised why your traffic is declining and your search engine rankings are going down as it becomes more difficult to get your link on the first pages of Google results.

1. Boost Social Signals 

Google believes you will like search results your friends like or recommend. Who better to recommend stuff than your closest friends. Have you noticed how Google search results display more specific links liked or shared by your community of friends. This pushes many search results beyond to the second page. And Google will even let you thank friends for it. Tip: Develop a huge social network across Twitter, Facebook and especially Google+ and get more visibility in search results.

Google social results

2. Local Search is Hot Business

Google recently put out the Venice Update, which is bringing local search results which cater more to your geographical location, out on top of everything else. It was a quiet update, but shuffled a lot of thing on search screens. Its evident if you are looking to buy something, there is a better chance you are searching for it in your own local neighbourhood.  e.g. a simple search for computers loads up 7 local results which nearly fill up the whole page. Tip: If you have local content site, use the opportunity to get more traffic.

local results

3. Authority Sites Get Even Bigger

The big brands keep getting bigger and bigger with more PR, more trust and better traffic by ranking higher. Search for most common terms will usually reveal Wikipedia entry or respected news resources like Reuters or other large portals. e.g. a simple search for computers send out top 3 results from Wikipedia itself. You have a tough chance of ranking higher than that. Tip: Develop a authority site which can give competition to top brands and compete for the top search ranking spots.

wikipedia results

4. Everyone Likes Videos

If your search query is a popular term for videos queries too, expect to see a large chunk of mid search result space occupied by lots of Youtube videos. The more popular the query, more Youtube video links. These will surely push a lot of links out of the way. Tip: Develop popular popular Youtube videos and get more Youtube pageviews.

Google video results

5. Everyone Loves Images

If your query targets a lot of popular images for the term in Google Images, they will also occupy a large area to shift your results down. Tip: Use lots of images on your site and label them carefully with the right Alt tags to get your image on top of image search results and directly to your site.

Google Image results

6. Breaking News Always Works

If your query is a trending topic in Google news, expects some news stories to also pop in the results and drag your links down. Tip: Post on current and trending topics, get listed in Google news, become a authority site and your news links will get more clicks than the top sites.

Google news results

7. Sitelinks Mark Authority

Powerful authority websites also have multiple sitelinks, search boxes and breaking news columns which take up considerable screen space (Of course they are much less than the huge 12 site links which we got!). Tip: Its difficult to match super popular sites like BBC, CNN, NYT – but bigger sites get bigger sitelinks, news links, search boxes and a larger screen space which assure better traffic to your site.

authority google results

Summary: With all these types of Google search results, more so for specific queries, it will definitely lead to a better user experience. But what has changed for webmasters and SEO experts – its no longer about getting your site on the top 3 ranks. Because the top ranks are going to authority sites and rest are heavily dependent on type of query and being more influenced by social community support (get  a huge community) and more new media results like news, images and videos, so do remember to do some video SEO and images SEO to rank higher out there.

Basically Google result pages are much different now than a few years back where all SEO efforts were focused to get on the first page.  Also don’t be surprised when you see bigger brands, popular social media celebrities, local businesses, popular youtube video channels ranking higher. Every traffic drop is not Google Panda affected, its just that the web is changing and so is Google….


  1. Annamalai Nagappan says:

    Google+ works similar to Facebook as the things liked by our community gets ranked easily.What about Facebook search engine then?

  2. Simon says:

    as it becomes more difficult to get your link on the first pages of Google results.”<—is this true, though; or is it that the preiously working ways, to get ranked, are no longer working? Me personally, I like Google Panda; like the fact that doing good stuff, rather than knowing the wormholes and whatever soulkilling bs, is what gets the results.

  3. Lee Calundan says:

    You need to find perfect keyword for your site to gain more traffic. These keywords are always the key to making more money out of your website. You need to find keywords which are not commonly used but are useful for search users. That’s the challenge.

  4. Web Master Design says:

    Good post! Keep it up.
    I just want to give my personal advice to successful web design:
    1. Include a Tagline
    2. Implement Site Search
    3. Don’t overuse graphics
    4.Use site maps
    5. Always have a stable workflow
    6. Make each page easy scannable
    7. Do not mislead visitors purposely through design
    8. Always reply to feedback
    9. Use JavaScript sparingly
    10. Avoid CAPTCHAs. They might be useful but they’re very annoying!

  5. TaoPing says:

    Hey, really thx for your TIPS, I will get it a try.

  6. anam ahmed says:

    It’s true Google+ work similar to Facebook. That’s why I like Google+. I have to long circle of Google+. It’s everybody also knows Google is most popular and very super first Eearch Engine .

  7. fltcher says:

    My biggest criticism that has come my way is proof reading. thank god!!!

  8. sumeet gupta says:

    Such a nice article…You must read a full article to understand it.i think google reviews definately works

  9. Niks says:

    Hey Thanks for sharing the article. SEO has always been dynamic and its good to keep up with it

  10. Bharat Chowdary says:

    This is quite interesting stuff, very helpful at this moment.

  11. John Mak says:

    Images are very important for bringing traffic to your website. Thanks for sharing!


  12. Usman says:

    Well I agree Google is now awarding top ranking to high PR websites who giveaway the relevant content. I think we need backlinks and too many off them with long tail keywords if we are succeed in ranking a site upwards in search results.

  13. Janet says:

    Thanks for the tip. A lot of websites’ rank have gone down and it’s a great number, actually.

  14. raphael says:

    This is my own opinion, but i think your new design is not that effecient for seo and is against the new page algo of google.. the side bar appears first before the content on the left and pushes the content further down, which could be interpreted as negative experience for users. IMO

  15. Zisan says:

    I was penalized by google panda but cant recover it yep

  16. tips4techs says:

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  17. Krishna says:

    Rich Spinnets (Google Authority Signals) is one of the best way to improve traffic as it adds more value to your blog.

  18. Maya says:

    Gaining traffic is knowing the essential factors that affect your traffic. Keywords, meta tags, social medias, these are all beneficial to your site if used and executed properly.

    Nice post!

  19. Reza Ali says:

    Some great info here. I recently changed my site and removed the www prefix and am noticing a drop in the search results. Hopefully it’s temporary.
    Thanks for the great post.

  20. Lem says:

    Here in China SEO is getting tricky. Baidu is more popular than Google (it’s losing the war). It is true that SE are getting more and more localized. It is a tendency that will continue as the web goes toward mobile. In a way, SEO will be more “personalized”. This is a challenge for businesses who do business on the international level and target corporations everywhere in the world.

  21. Rob William says:

    Definitely one should not ignore the Google+. Google will always love sites and pages that use Google+ and promote it.

  22. vinz says:

    To be on top of result is really tough, but since Google Panda being implemented more strategy is now being cook and one of this is social networking where people share your articles and stuff.

  23. The Internet Don says:

    I think that this is a really interesting post. Whilst I have been reading about social signals with interest for some months and been strategising my social media I have learnt very little about the new Google places layout so this has been really enlightening! Thanks

  24. suhail tufail says:

    In your post I have come to know about dropping result of traffic but i want to know how could i get maximum traffic to my site.I hope you will get a clear indication about this.

  25. Lars says:

    some very good highlights here

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  27. Om Sai Toys says:

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  28. Lizzy says:

    I can’t believe am going to save & Bookmark this page as i’m planning to follow every bit of explanation on here.


  29. karan singh chauhan says:

    Great news! I really loved it!

  30. Uncle Jim says:

    I agree with you, too many people are putting the blame on Panda or Penguin or some other black and white animal. In reality, the update affected a very small percentage. It’s the continued updates to the algo that are causing the most changes in the SERPS. My website didn’t suffer thankfully!

  31. Danny says:

    Though, Panda and Penguin updates and refreshes have affected a number of sites, some in a big way, there are many other off page and on page SEO factors that are usually behind a site’s poor performance…

    Also, from my own experience, there are many things we are told to do for overall improved results. Yet, even when applying these(must do practices) to a high degree of accuracy and consistency, they often just do not work, whatsoever…or only barely…

  32. arti says:

    waiting for the next google algorithm change

  33. Max Peters says:

    Good tips to knowing the reasons for traffic drop. I like the idea of inverted model where you write the summary first. In fact, it makes a lot of sense since most people skim though the blog post then decide if they want to read further or hit the back button.

  34. Raj Mitra says:

    Interesting insight you have provided. Currently i am struggling to get traffic for a new blog that I have just started a few months back.

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