Google Stops Adsense Cheque Payments in India

Google has stopped issuing Adsense check payments in India to Adsense publishers. This is part of the ongoing conversion of accounts to new Adsense payment options, but unfortunately it takes away the easier Adsense cheques which we all used to find in the mailbox every  month, and more recently delivered by local city courier.

While news has been around for some time that these changes were expected, it is rolling out to Indian Adsense publishers now. Our Adsense account payments got on hold and now our account is upgraded to the new payments system.

hold adsense payment

and no payments will be done till we switch to the new payment systems. So what has changed….

International USD Wire Transfers

Indian publishers till now used to receive checks in Indian rupees by default and there was no option for ETF or electronic funds transfer. There was after currency conversion from USD to INR at their end.  These Indian rupee cheques were easy to deposit in Indian banks by simply dropping in  cheque deposit boxes.

INR Cheques Were Easy – Although you can deposit dollar cheques in Indian Banks, there is a long process of form filling, bank visits  and delay in the  money getting deposited  in your bank account over the next few weeks.

International Money Transfer – But now they offer International wire transfers in USD directly to your bank account. While it would have been great if they offered both check and ETF options, right now this is the only option available.

Here is what you need to ask your bank

  • Will they accept such dollar transfers every month.
  • Are there any bank transfer fees they will charge.
  • Know what currency conversion fees they will charge.
  • Then you need to fill the Account holder name, bank name, bank account number, IFSC code, SWIFT code

bank transfer details

Advantages  – The main advantage will be timely money transfer to your bank account every month, more transparency in currency exchange rate, and no lost delayed cheques and related issues.

Have any of you set up Adsense wire transfers in India? What has been your experience.

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