How to Become Facebook India Ambassadors

Facebook India is running a promotion to create Facebook India ambassadors with the aim to make India more ‘open and connected’. The whole idea is to encourage people to use Facebook on mobile phones and increase the reach of Facebook on the Mobile platform in India.

Facebook Ambassador

Facebook ambassadorTo become a Facebook ambassador, you must encourage your friends and family to download free Facebook mobile apps on their smart phones using the mobile browser. Help your friends to log into Facebook using the Facebook Mobile app and give them a tour of how the app works and how they can use the Facebook Mobile app to get a better user experience on Facebook.

Thereafter you have to submit the phone numbers of people you helped set up Facebook mobile apps, and following verification of your claims, they will label the people who made the most efforts to spread the Facebook mobile network as Facebook Indian ambassadors. There doesn’t seem to be a monetary compensation, but I’m sure they would create a nice logo for these people to put up on their Facebook profiles.¬†Apply now.

The Facebook ambassador nominees are being compiled based on the city’s in which they stay, and as the program gets popular, I am sure they will be getting a lot of visitors on their Facebook page.

Facebook ambassador nominees

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