How to Get Verified Google+ Pages

Is your Google+ Page verified? Google+ verification is important as a verified Google plus page confirms there are real people with real identities behind the Google plus page which gives confidence to people who interact with your Google+ business/brand page.

Probably you have noticed verified Google+ Pages with the verified page logo (tick mark) beside them. Here are examples of verified Google plus profiles and verified Google plus pages. This is similar to Twitter verified accounts which were seen earlier.

Google verified profile
Google verified page

Google verifies Google+ profiles of celebrities and other prominent Web personalities to enhance trust among people interacting with them, as it confirms that the profile actually belongs to the person. Google takes impersonation very seriously and in fact there is a form to report false profiles.

While Google has its secret ways to verify people, it does give businesses an opportunity to get verified Google+ pages

Link Website to Google+ Page

The best way to get the check mark box on your Google+ Page is to create a bi-directional link between the page and your website. The Google plus page should link to the official website (About section), and the website should link back to the Google plus page in the HEAD of  the HTML code

<link href="" rel="publisher" />

with further links on the home page

<a href="" rel="publisher">Google+</a>

This will help Google understand that both your website and the Google plus page presents the same business organisation.

Google+ page verification request form

Google provides businesses and organisations an official form by which they can represent their organisation and request to get verified Google+ Pages.

Of course, there are a few essential requirements – it must be authorised by your organisation or brand, the bidirectional link between your Google+ page and your website must exist, and your Google plus page must be popular enough that people add it to their circles.

verified google pages

They may also ask you for further business verification documents like business license, bank statements, credit card statements etc. to further confirm your business identity.

Get your verified Google+ page today and increase your brand repetition on Google+ now.

Update: Getting your Google+ page verified also increases your chances of getting your own short Google+ URL like

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