How to Apply for Twitter Verified Account

How can you get a Twitter Verified Account? Twitter Verified Accounts are labeled by a Twitter verified logo and is seen on twitter profiles of well known celebrities, artists, athletes, actors, public officials, and public agencies.

Twitter Verified Account

A verified profile basically mean that Twitter staff have contacted the the person or entity the account is representing and verified that it is indeed who they claim they are. This will really help avoid impersonation or identity confusion where celebrities are involved, and avoid potential lawsuits.

blue verified badge

When they started the feature in 2009, the blue verified badge was not so easy to get. Note how some journalists got verified before John McCain!

verified twitter users

Get Twitter Blue Verified Badge

So how can you request Twitter to get verified account. Simply fill this get verified form. Note you need to be logged into Twitter account to do this.

Here are some best practices to follow before you submit your application.

  • Confirmed Phone and email
  • Complete profile  with bio, profile photo, header photo, website. Of course with real name/brand details.
  • Public tweets without privacy mode.

twitter verified form

Individual accounts holders will need to provide copy of official government-issued photo ID. And be prepared to answer why you need a verified account. A good idea is to have a Twitter badge or logo on your official site linking back to your profile, which will help in easy verification. of course they verify a limited number of accounts and submitting a request does not guarantee account verification.

Application denied? Dont worry. You can submit same application again after 30 days. Dont spam. Have the relevant details handy.

False Use: If you are don’t have a verified account, but still add a verified blue badge in your profile pic or twitter background etc, they can ban your account. They suggest you use this form only if your account is being impersonated, but it does not imply verification.



  1. Alex says:

    how can i get it?

  2. mbuotidem says:

    how will i get an account with you online as fast as possible

  3. shambria shaw says:

    how can i get my page verifed??

    • QuickOnlineTips says:


      • Kari Ann Peniche says:

        Would like to be verified on my twitter account @get_KariAnn as my site was Catfished last year it was on
        MTV Catfish on Jan, 7, 2013.
        Kari Ann Peniche

  4. Follow Me On Twitter says:


    I understand now, lol.

    I guess my twitter account isn’t going to be verified, :(

  5. Joseph says:

    I just requested an account verification. I hope they’ll give it.

  6. Vikas Rathi says:

    Awesome post. I will definitely have a try to get verified. Thanks a lot.

  7. Saaniya michael jackson (SMJ) says:

    Hi, i’m saaniya michael jackson !!!!
    i’m a twitter user i want to verified my twitter ID cause i’m launch mu-self in june in the line of pop singing so i want to verified my twitter ID

    R E G A U R D S

  8. Pavan Somu says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have just now applied. Hope I will get verified

  9. Dasaint09 says:

    Hello my name is Theodore and I requesting that you verify my account. People don’t believe its me. This is why I desperately need your help. I appreciate your help regarding my situation. Thank you very much and take care. Theodore @Dasaint09. Ps I LOVE TWITTER! ;^)

  10. chelsea says:

    i need verified account because i keep getting asked if i am a realy belieber and jasminator and i need it to show people i am and not a fake

  11. justine says:

    hi! i’m justine. i like to verified my account coz many people ask me if i’m a true jasminator belieber or not. that’s why i like to verified my account to show them that i’m the true jasminator belieber in a whole world! thanks a lot! :) hope i will get verified

  12. jay says:

    I used to have a verified account.. but then i stopped using twitter for about 1 year.. and now i started to use it again.. i lost my badge…

    twitter say they dont reconise me being verified? how do i re-verify my account @thewolfydragon

  13. Phil Yeh says:

    I’m verified. It hasn’t been too exciting.

  14. Maayyahh says:

    Please can I have an Verified Account. thanks in advance

  15. Andreea Bardac says:

    Hy. my name is Andreea ! i’m actress and singer!
    i want verified my account because everyone ask me if i’m the real Andreea Bardac. i really want to have a verified account because i want to show them that i’m real :)thanks in advance!!

  16. itsmehemanth says:

    hello my name is hemanth and my userid is itsmehemanth i want my account to be verified account beacause after becoming an celebrity everyone needs it but before that i need it and i am trying harder to become an movie director and i have that zeal in me..-:) so i ll be very much thankfull to the manangement of twitter if u people do so thanku

  17. TommyRay says:

    The page does not exist anymore. I suspect they have already changed the method for verifying accounts and automated it perhaps, who knows? At any rate, having your account verified is next to impossible for most people. I hit 2000 people that I follow and LIKE to follow, but cannot get above 940 followers. Geesh, what’s the deal? I can’t follow back anyone and have to sacrifice something/someone possibly important, to me at least. I would be forced to cut them down just follow a few more people. Maybe the gift thing is a good idea, hmmmm….

  18. Dorrian says:

    Twitter has removed the “Verify Request” page and is no longer working.
    Twitter staff keep viewing all users’ accounts and when they face a forgery case, they call up the real person asking him if it is him, and after finding out his real account, they verify it.
    Currently closed to the public.

  19. Adam csatary says:

    I am looking to get verified so I am not confused with other photography companies… I am starting to shoot very important people and I need people to know who I am and that it is me thanks

  20. jaymit says:

    i want my verified account on twiter because i am surfing since last 2 years….now i want to be verified

  21. beth bieber says:

    i want to be a verfied acount can some one tell me how ? , many thanks

  22. MsTee_Davis says:

    How can I get my account verfied?

  23. Jelbee says:

    What exactly the steps for verification of account?

  24. OLIVER EMANS says:

    please can you make my account verified as I am a radio presenter and people often get confused which twitter feed is actually mine,@piratelivz.

    Please verify this account as then more of my listeners will be able to contact the real presenter.

    Much appreciated

  25. Lex_HellaSmoove says:


  26. delko says:

    how to get my acc verified ? any link ?

  27. mini says:


  28. Darw says:

    Follow Me @DarwinRodr

  29. @OfficialDBlaza says:

    Please Verify My Account,I Am A Rapper(Recording Artist) Named D Blaza and I Would Like For My Account To Be Verified Because Last Year My Old Account Was Hacked and I Was Not Able To Sign In Anymore.I Don’t Want My Want My Followers/Supporters To Think I’m A Fake and To Get Confused Into Following My Old Account Because I Made A New One @OfficialDBlaza Ive Just Started Gaining Some Of My Listeners Back and I’m Happy For That.I Don’t Want The Same Problem That Happened The First Time To Happen Again So Can You Please Verify My Account It Would Be Greatly Appreciated Thanks.

  30. Ella Norman says:

    i’m running the emma watson fan army and am trying to attract more fans!

  31. Hisham says:

    I found this post helpful,I’ve been trying to Verify my account for some months now, with no response from twitter.So I created a custom background with the verified logo on my twitter page.I do design these if you want me to.Just follow me @TheGreatHisham and tweet me . Cheers to all.

  32. smashinbeauty says:

    this did not answer my question
    I follow back @smashinbeauty

  33. Prince says:

    Verify me :)

  34. Alex says:

    Please i want you guys to verify @robertojr16 he is the one and owner of
    This account… Thanks for your time!! And also R_amir_ez

  35. danielle says:

    pls. verified my account i am A person !!!

  36. danielle cedie says:

    please i want tyou guys to verify @Danielle_Cedie i am the one who to follow you if you verified me !!!

  37. James Nathan says:

    i would like to get my account verified

  38. Charleigh says:

    I have many clients asking if my site is real even when the use website link as it doesn’t have a tick. I am very new to all this and learning as I go.
    Twitter seams an easier way to make contact and has been useful to me.

  39. Natalie Alvarez says:

    Hello, I am trying to get my account verified because I have a lot of problems with people impersonating me. I have been in each harry potter movie and i’ve participated in a music video for a band named “A Skylit Drive”. So if you could please verify my account that would be really helpful and much appreciated, then I could start reaching out to my fans.

  40. FlippaMan says:

    i am up coming rapper get my account verified @FlippaMan thank you

  41. Fanny Nardi says:

    Hello, could you verified my account?

  42. ™Dartece Cole says:

    I would love it if you can verify my account ! @Dartece_Cole THANKS!!!!!

  43. Sierra McCormick says:

    Hi im Sierra McCormick and you may know you verified my MAIN account @SierraNMcCormic and this is my PRIVATE account. please may you verify it??

  44. jackie says:

    I love makeup and beauty if you can verify me that would be awesome!!!! I use twitter all the time to stay close with my youtube subscribers! @Helloojaclyn

  45. Miley Ray Cyrus says:

    Hey this is Miley Cyrus. You did revified my other account, please verify and my official : @mileycyruszx

  46. Lady Erin says:

    LMAO why are people asking to b verified on this comments section? This is not Twitters site – ya’ll stupid n those that follow yall r stupid as well!

  47. Killa-T says:

    Please verify my account, i ahve done music with Oroejct Pat, Dru Hill, Young Money, D. Block and more. Iv made tv appearances and done radio…. @KillaT_CG

  48. Bell says:

    I need to verify m account.
    Follow me on Twitter @HeDontWantYooP

  49. Lungelo* says:

    I want to verify my account @DaRealLungelo can anyone help me out! #InNeed .

  50. A7med3awad says:

    how can i get it?

  51. brenda stiff says:

    i really need my account verified

  52. justin says:

    im a golds gym body builder and im also a wrestler & people keep making fake accounts of me i just want to have a legit account and verified

  53. Jawan says:

    Greetings, I am an artist and would like to get my twitter handle verified.
    I have seen another account (that is not verified) on twitter with “fotodragon” and I had to change my name on twitter. Please help me verify my account.

    Thank you.

    Happy New Year!

  54. Jessica E. Sanchez says:

    i want to verified my account please

  55. @AllKellyKelly says:

    Hey, my name is kelly and I would love to have a verified twitter account, If my account gets verified I will return to wwe and rate twitter at the highest. love kelly

  56. @Dustrica says:

    Hi, i would very much appreciate a verification as i promote, & am A long time volunteer of relief efforts.


  57. Joba says:

    Who needs a verified twitter account. twitter is boring

  58. Francisca Salazar says:

    Please verified my Twitter account @OMGitsjustfran please because so many people think my account is fake and I lose followers because they think my account is fake. I’m a singer book arthur and i want people to know its the real me and so my fans can see that I have a Twitter. I also tryed linking my Twitter to my website but it doesn’t work at all. So please verified my account please @OMGitsjustfran

  59. Wisdom says:

    folllow me @_omopastor__ I am hoping for a verification

  60. Tariq says:

    i want to verify plz help me my user name @T_h_baloch plz verify it

  61. Chandler says:

    Was just curious on how you can get a verification form?

  62. Lingo Cop says:

    Pls send us a tutorial how to get a verified account of Twitter.

  63. LingoCop says:

    how to get a verified Twitter Account? What a video tutorial.

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