Microsoft Morro: Free Anti-Virus Software Coming Soon

Strong news is coming in that Microsoft is ready to launch its free anti-virus software called Morro for personal computers. This is a huge competition in making for security software leaders like Symantec Norton Antivirus and McAfee Antivirus software.

Reuters got a tip by a Microsoft guy about Microsoft Morro

A Microsoft spokesman said on Wednesday that the world’s biggest software maker is testing an early version of the product with its own employees. Microsoft would “soon” make a trial version, or product beta, available via its website, he added, but declined to provide a specific date.

If Microsoft starts bundling their antivirus software with Windows, much like Windows Defender, it would definitely hit sales of expensive security suites loaded with encryption, firewalls, password protection, parental controls and data backup. Since it will be well integrated, it will protect Windows better in conjunction with Windows Firewall and Defender, without slowing the computer. Why pay when you can get it for free!

The Microsoft brand will also challenge popular free antivirus software available online like free AVG or Avast. Microsoft is lately getting all its cards right – Bing, Windows 7, Zune HD, Project Natal… maybe Morro is next.

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