10 Big Lists of Googlers, Google Employees

Here are some big lists of Googlers, Google employees and Google staff which you might want to contact, communicate and socially interact with. Google jobs are the most popular work destinations, and everyone wants to get a Google job. While Google jobs are full of perks unlike any other company, very few can actually earn the title of a Googler.

This is an attempt to collect the best links from across the web which feature big lists of Google employees. Please note that these Google staff members could have changed their jobs, and these lists are unofficial and not endorsed by Google in any way.

Google Employees Lists

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Google management team – this is the official list by Google which details the senior management at Google. It includes a executive officers, senior leadership, and board of directors at Google. Here you can find more official information about Larry Page (CEO), Eric E. Schmidt (Executive Chairman), Sergey Brin (Co-Founder), and senior vice presidents.

DuckDuckGo: Google Employees Search : Probably you have used the popular alternative Google search engine called DuckDuckGo. This search engine does a great job of listing all the Googlers on one page, and I guess a search engine would be the best to keep the list well updated. Links from this page take you directly to all search results for these Google employees, many of which will also list the official website.

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List of Googlers on Google+ : Craig Kanalley compiled this very popular list of Google employees on Google+, which was republished across the web multiple times. Its a little old but useful list compiled in 2011 and was a collaborative effort in comments to keep it updated. This list seems to have been well updated here at SEOConsult

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List of top Googlers to follow on Google+ : This is an unofficial Google plus recommended list of top Googlers which you might want to follow on Google plus. Clicking on links will take you to these Googler Google plus profiles.

Google Employees of Note – Ranker has compiled this list of notable and famous Google employees. It includes past as well as present Google staff. The list is alphabetically arranged, and includes the date of birth, profession and place of birth in some cases.

Wikipedia: Google employees : As usual, Wikipedia has compiled a list of Google employees and has a wiki page for each one of them. If you know them well, you can contribute to their wiki page and add more information about your favourite Googler.

PeekYou: Google Inc Employees – This site collects the profiles, websites, and social media presence of a large number of Google employees across the world. The list features many past and present Google staff, with a large list of their social media accounts, which might help you connect with them.

Search Engine Employees on Twitter : Contains a list of Twitter accounts of notable search engine employees on Google, Yahoo, Microsoft. The list is a little old, but features the top people in the search engine community.

The First 21 Google Employees – Business Insider looks inside the roles, joining dates and current positions of Google’s earliest employees. Did you know that Marissa Mayer was Google’s 21st employee and is now the CEO of Yahoo!

If you are aware of any other popular Googlers list, please post it in the comments and we will add it here.

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