How to Use Google Glass [Video]

How to use Google glass? This video shows how you can use controls on Google glass, the revolutionary Google wearable technology that promises to change the way we use social media sharing and interface with current smart devices and gadgets.

Google glass

You remember how you could become the first to buy Google glass – the explorer edition, through a social media campaign on Twitter and Google plus. Well some people did get to own the $1500 Google Glass and test it out. In fact word is that its getting more common to see it around the Google campus.

Here is the video recently released for the basic uses of Google glass.

Note how beautifully they have added the touch interface in the right spectacle frame bar. The touch gestures are also simple, possible because you need to us them while doing some other activities. Simple swipe and tap can let you perform multiple tasks efficiently.

And this video shows you all the wonderful things Google glass can do

Here is a good review of Google glass if you want one. Looking forward to Google glass become cheaper and freely available.

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