First Public Test Drive of Google Self-Driving Cars [Video]

Google allowed volunteers to join the first public test drive of the Google Self-Driving Car! This mini car is for real and is now testing outside Google labs in Mountain View, California, USA. If you live nearby, you might get lucky being the first few to try out how the future cars might look like.

Google Self-Driving Cars

self driving car

It is a 2 seater vehicle with seat belts. Don’t be surprised as there is no steering wheel in these cars. In fact there is no brake or accelerator pedal if you decide to use it. There are start / stop buttons, a location map on screen and that is it. The smart sensors and on-board computers drive the car.

So how fast will it go? They have blocked the speed at 25mph as of now. This video showcases the new look of the Google Self-Driving Cars.

Amazing technology of the future is being developed at Google and it may not be too far when it goes into commercial production.

If you need more information about these self driving cars, see the Safety tester at work driving these cars and explaining the technology behind it.


  1. Olamosh says:


    I enjoyed the video and to be sincere, this is an amazing technology. The innovation will really go a long way when it’s commercially.

    The commercial production of this innovation will surely rake in billions of dollars for google, some days ago a read about the Google glass and i was amazed with all the features even-though it is still in beta stage.

    I really enjoy the two videos, hope they will bring it to africa for a test too :)

    Thumb up to the developers and Google as a company, i can’t wait to sit LIVE in the car.

    Have a nice day

  2. Raj says:

    Great news! When they planned to sale for public? :)

  3. Khalid says:

    Wow, just wow. I couldn’t say anything more.
    Google has been trying many things lately and this includes Google glass. Glass was a great innovation when compared to other devices in such range. It lead to production of these more glasses in the upcoming days.

    I think this is the case with self doable cars. Google invents it and other people use it and improve it. This is the most important part of the development of the gadget and knowledge.

    Thank-you for letting me post.

  4. Tareq says:

    Best of luck Google… when will release for public ??

  5. Stevent Thompson says:

    Great car and I love the idea! How long before it is available to the public?

  6. siful says:

    wow. amazing. thanks for sharing this awesome info

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